Double mastectomy

Hi all

i am having double mastectomies in few days time and feeling very anxious and scared

Also having sentinel node.

please can you give me any advice on wat to take ( only having day surgery, even though I told them I had a blood clot in my lung when I had lumpectomy last time).

Also any advice on how to sleep as I’m normally a side an tummy sleeper.

im on my own so any advice on practical stuff will be greatly appreciated.

I suffer with constipation as it is so only take paracetamol for pain usually.

Thnku xxx

I’m about six weeks out from a double mastectomy right now and am back to normal physically as far as flexibility and strength. Also could sleep on my stomach if I wanted to but I sleep on my side all the time. Truly the healing has been great. If I were to give advice I would tell you to get some pillows for support while sleeping. I will probably use them the rest of my life they make such a difference. I used a triangle wedge pillow and a few weeks after the mastectomy you also probably want some small pillows you can put to the side of your head for comfort as you sleep on your back. And then get a pillow for your stomach that also goes underneath your arms. It’s a specifically made for people who get mastectomies. I found them on amazon. It was a great source for anything I needed.