Double mx and recon with strattice dec 2012... 3.5 weeks on

Think I should’ve found these fori before I went for my op as it has reassured me reading them all that others have experienced similar things. Have suffered with anxiety attacks since the op which I think have partially come about from lack of info or confused info. I really trust my surgeon as I’ve met lots of the women he has reconstructed and they are all happy, but he is so relaxed about it all that I think he has failed to be clear about the effects of the op.
I decided to have a double mx and recon using strattice and conserving the skin and nipple. I was diagnosed in April 2012 with a 13mm Grade 3 Her neg Oes positive tumour and then had 6 months of chemo (4 monthly FEC, 12 weekly Taxol). Due to start tamoxifen next month. Opted for double mx as both mum and granny died young from BC although I’m not BRCA positive. Big decision as otherwise unnecessary… Lumpectomy in April plus chemo hopefully sorted out the BC but couldn’t bear the thought of always looking for the next one.
Cant deny op has been really hard. Might be the hospital I’m under (it’s in administration and the nurses were so unsympathetic). Felt traumatised the first 2 weeks: the new breasts seemed so high up, really wide but flat, one nipple partially inverted, no sensation at all on skin, odd pain. However one of my boob buddies (who the surgeon put me in touch with previously) said hers were just the same initially and they look amazing now. I’m still sore but getting better day by day. Can sleep better now slightly on my side and am weaning myself off the painkillers. Due to have the implants inflated a bit more next week.
Seems a long road to recovery but I hope it will be worth it

Hi Tatters1,

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Tatters1, do you live in South East London by any chance? It sounds like it.

Hi Tatters,
Me again. Just wanted to say hang on in there. Things will improve. I had bilateral mastecomies with implant and strattice in Feb 2012. I had alot of complications but noticed that after week 4, I could see some improvements every day, esp once off the meds which really seemed to mess my head up. Please send me a message if I can help in any way at all.
Rest up now, and do nothing except your physio.
Rattles, x

Thanks so much for your warm welcome Jo, Caroline and Rattles. Yes I am in the South East, Caroline, was it the mention of the hospital in administration that gave me away?!! I can’t rest up much to be honest as I have a 6 yr old and a 4 yr old but am trying to. Rattles, its so good to know that it should all start getting better soon. Shall pm you tomorrow but in the meantime… Happy new year xxx