Double skin sparing mastectomy with latissimus dorsi reconstruction

Hi ladies,

I had the above surgery on the 21st November 2016 and I was wondering if anyone on here has also had the same kind of surgery?

I’m recovering well from the actual surgery wound sites but I have the sharpest pain ever in and around one of my right chest ribs, anyone else felt this? 

Be great to hear from you,

Lynne xxx


Hi Lynne,


i had single LD recon 5 months ago. The only really uncomfortable pain I had was after the last drain came out. It was agony. Could not sleep. Could not sit, stand, walk - hate taking oramorph so just dosed up on paracetamol (which brought only the slightest relief) and just gritted my teeth and put up with it for over a week. I think it was brought about by having to sit and lie in a very awkward position because of the drains. So when the last drain came out my muscles and tendons went into spasm until things realigned as normal. The pain was down my op side - rob cage to hip. 


Have you spoken to your BCN? Might be worth asking them what they think your pain might be. 


Good luck. Hope it gets sorted soon.