Double whammy, may be

The booklet I have,advising me on DIEP surgery, talks of one arm, thus thinking you are having just one side done. However, has I need both breasts done, has anyone had this?? How will I brush my hair??Although I realise at the time, this will be last of my concerns!

Hi Jillybee, hope you are well:)

I say you are right that you may have difficulty raising both arms. Maybe you have someone to help you do things for the first week or so. Before you go in for surgery you need also to rearrange your kitchen cupboards so that everything is easy reach without stretching. Prepare meals and put them in the freezer. Maybe you will spend the first few days at home sleeping in the armchair/recliner, so have pillows ready just in case. Extra pillows to rest your arms on too. A selection of DVDs. Ways of clipping up your drains so that you can wash…clothing that you can put on easily without lifting your arms too much, or straining your tummy - I forgot the donor site there sorry! I was just thinking arms lol.

They’ll give you plenty of support in hospital, and don’t forget you could be staying in there maybe five days to make sure the flaps take, and that you are well.

There’s lots of DIEP threads on breast and there’s a lot of info that could be really helpful, even though it’s an American site. You can find me there too under the same name.:slight_smile:

Take care x x