down 60%

I went to see my nurse last week and she measured my arm, 3 months on from the first time. Regular use of my sleeve/glove + MLD + Kinesio tape has meant my arm has reduced by 60%. I am so chuffed. I was thinking nothing or little was happening and and now feel inspired that there is an end to this.

Its still not over, buti hope it inspires others too.
Good luck xxxxx

That’s great! Keep it up!
Love Julie x

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That’s brilliant news, Positive, It’s great to hear success stories. Although we have to keep on being careful, it’s a situation under control, not a cure and we are still at risk. People look at my arm now and wonder what the fuss is all about, but I know that without the sleeve etc it could all deteriorate again very quickly. I’m only wrinkly today because I had a weekend tummybug and am still dehydrated all-over.

But I saw the mozzie in the bathroom before he saw me :slight_smile: now he ain’t gonna bite no-one no more!