Down and had enough

Down and had enough

Down and had enough Hi,

I’ve just found out today that the cancer is herceptin positive.

I’m gutted, my last rads is on 13/07/07 and although i’m on tamoxifin i thought i could finally see the end of it all and start to get on with my life. But surprise suprise just as there starts to be some kind of hope something comes along and knocks you straight back down.

As its HER+ i need to have herceptin every three weeks for 12 months, my onc (dr doom) as i call him said that 20 women out of a 100 have this type and it means it is more likely to recoccur, therefore they need to start treating it quick.

The trouble is - i have no fight left, i know i’ll go have it cos i have to but i can just feel it chipping away at me and i’ve had enough.

Telling me its likely to come back feels like a death sentence and i’ve tried so hard to be positive all the way through - and i just can’t do it anymore.

Sorry for this but i just need to get it out.


Hang in there KayLou Hi there KayLou
I am so sorry that you have just received this news about the her2 status and that you will need herceptin. Just when you were thinking that you were seeing the light at the end of the tunnell and you would be finished rads in july. I know that this hits you hard as you were looking forward to getting on with life after breast cancer. With herceptin being every 3 weeks and few side effects it does not feel like chemo. I think that you will find it to be tolerable. You will get through this, look how far you have come already. We are all here to support you and we will help you to get through this. You have maintained a very positive attitude and this will help you to get through. Although the oncs say that her2 positive cancers are more likely to recurr, this doesn’t mean that yours will.
Lots of people have herceptin and after treatment, they never have a problem again. Who is to say that you won’t be among this group?
Please remember that we are all here to support you. I am sure that there are many ladies who have had herceptin who will reply to you.
Wishing you the best
sending you a cyber hug

Dear KayLou I am sorry to read that you are having such a difficult time at the moment. You are welcome to contact our confidential helpline on 0808 800 6000 for support, information and a ‘listening ear’, the helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.

You may find Breast Cancer Care’s factsheet about herceptin helpful to read to help you to understand more about this treatment and why and when it is prescribed, you can read it via the following link:

I hope you find this helpful.

Kind regards
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Stay Postive Dear KayLou

Stay strong my friend - I have had Herceptin and I was given completely different info from my Oncologist - he was thrilled that I could have it because it is such a miraculous drug and I have heard about clinical trials using Herceptin that are showing such positive results that they are calling it the ‘new cure’!!

I didn’t have any side effects from the Herceptin and I know at least 2 other ladies who have had it and it is has not affected them at all - it felt like having Saline solution which was kicking the cancer!! Amazing stuff so please don’t feel so blue - the more Herceptin you can get the better!!! It is nothing like Chemo and life will go on! When I was on Herceptin my life went back to normal - the only thing was going in for a drip every three weeks and I thought that wasn’t too bad!!

My situtaion is that I have had two PRIMARY cancers - both breast cancer! I was diagnosed in April 2004 with breast cancer in my right breast, they performed a mastectomy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy and then I had herceptin - I am free of this cancer now - the drugs sorted it out and I haven’t had one cell regrow in 3 years. Unfortunately I have another cancer that popped up - it is completely unrelated and extremely rare to have two PRIMARY cancers - I have even confused the Dr’s! Luckily this cancer is also HER+ and my Oncologist is thrilled that they will be able to give me herceptin once again!!

Please take hope in the fact that you will carry on - try and stay positive - it is half the fight I believe! I have just had a baby who is now 7 months old - the miracle of my life! After going through early-menopause they told me I had hardly any chance of having a baby and look at me now - I am 31 by they way!!!

Stay strong KayLou - I hope this has helped and don’t be put off by my cancer status - we are all different and the fact that I had a second PRIMARY is a freak of nature - just take solice in the fact that I had Herceptin - it changed my life and I am still here 3 years later - free of that cancer!!!

Loads of strength to you - I hope this helped x