doxorubicin ?

just asking has anyone heard of or had this chemo x

I had it as part of my TAC regimen

I found it easier to cope with than Docetaxel but everyone is different so don’t take that as a guide! :slight_smile:

Nymeria x

Yes I’ve had this as part of my AC chemo, I found it worse than tax in terms of nausea and sickness.

Hi Fairyqueen

I also had it as part of the TAC regime last year ( it is the A bit in TAC). I had them altogether so it is a bit difficult to say but I think it was the Taxotere that gave me the worst side effects although after 2nd chemo I did start suffering with palpitations, my onc didn’t think it was to do with chemo but info on doxorubicin seems to suggest this that the heart could be temporarily affected.

Amanda xx

Hi rachel
I might be wrong but it sounds like the same drug group/family as epirubicin (can’t remember group name of but begins with a!). I’m sure my onc said u can only hav this type of drug once due to potential heart damage?? Alot has happened since I had that conversation tho so I can’t be sure. I’m sure lulu or someone else in the know will tell u if this is indeed the case. If so, we might not be able to have it as we’ve had fec. However I only had 3 fec + I know some people like poppet75 have had 8 doses of fec so there must be some flexibility.
When’s your next appt with your onc? X

i think youre right tina it is in the same league as epirubicin , it is more the metformin i am interested in and have printed off items to give onc that refer to its effectiveness on tnbc and so cheap !!! worth asking ,i have an app on 27th pre next chemo may see him or colleague but he said to call him any time but will review xeloda after 2 rpounds so will leave him aletter with all metformin info in lol, bet he loves my little letters xx how are you doing x

I’m ok thanks feeling well but anxious about not being on treatment (naturally worrying wots going on). Got appts in august + probably more scans so cramming stuff in now! Going Ibiza with a friend on thurs 4a mad few days clubbing. Then off to Dubai on 1st aug with hubby + dan. Had lots of fun getting insurance 4 Dubai as u can imagine!! Was due bak in work this wk but they offered me a payoff to go so I’ve took it (hence the Dubai hol!!).
Keep bugging your onc to keep him on his toes. I have mine harrassed at times lol! Keeping everything crossed the xeloda is kicking in + you will see improvements soon xx

Hi Fairyqueen, I had doxirubicin as part of my chemo, from memory I think it was the one that makes you wee red! I nearly fainted the first time I went to the loo! I had 4 doses of that and then four doses of Taxol. Very different side effects with both. The dox made me feel nauseous though I was never sick, and I went off certain foods and smells. I also had a sort of sinus headache for the first couple of days after. It was hard to tell if it was the chemo or the neulasta injections or steroids that were giving the side effects. I got through all 8 and onlynhad an infection whichnturned out to be viral after my eighth dose xx