Dr appointment today...

I had noticed my left breast was different a couple of months ago. Aches, warmth and a pain in my shoulder blade behind the breast. Soon after i found a small pea sized lump which was in the tender area of my breast (upper section above nipple).
I eventually booked an appointment with my Dr after my Husband could also feel it went i showed him where it was. My appointment was this morning, the Dr was lovely and thorough. She could locate the lump with her fingertips but said normally they should be able to find them with the flat of their hand but because she could feel a thickening to the breast tissue near the lump she would refer me to the breast clinic. Her final words were that she didn’t feel overly concerned and it would likely be a cyst but better that I have a scan to verify. I have to go back later and get my referral letter and call the clinic to make the appointment.
I feel relieved now i have been and something will be done. Hopefully its nothing more than a cyst. I am 32 years of age with no known family history of BC.

Well done Becky82 for plucking up the courage to go to your GP. It is always worth getting these things checked. A few years back I had strange ‘breast pain’ and thought I could feel a lump. My GP, like yours, thought it was probably nothing but referred me to the breast care team. They were lovely and I had a mammogram and ultrasound and nothing was found. But they stressed I had not wasted their time and I should never hesitate to go back if I was worried again. So this time when I found a lump I went straight to my GP again and her reaction was quite different. On questioning she said she thought there was a 50% chance it could be cancer and I would be referred urgently. It was and last week I had surgery. Once again though the breast care team have been superb. Whatever your outcome, and I have my fingers crossed yours will be benign, you will be in very good hands. Good luck and do let us all know how you get on.