Dragged back down by....

Does anyone else feel this way? It’s just over a year since my diagnosis with BC, treatment is over except for the ongoing gorgeous Tamoxifen! Ugh. I’ve just come to that time of the year where it’s see the consultant, have a pelvic scan, just to check all is well, and then next week a mammogram. I totally appreciate how fortunate I am to be able to have these tests and this treatment.

My problem is that I just feel as though I’ve started to move on from it all, only to be dragged back into it again! It’s so hard to just view it all as routine testing, it scares me, and has made me feel very anxious and down.

Anyone else feel this way every year? How do you cope with it? Sorry to sound like a whinging ungrateful idiot, but, if I can’t share this here where can I??

Thanksyou. Hope everyone is doing really well!!

x x

hi UTD

I’m not there yet but it’s hardly surprising … one thing that may make you feel better …

… a friend of mone has adopted 2 children and they don;t let you do it near birthdays or christmas as then the brthday or christmas would be a reminder of the trauma for the child …

… we have to be reminded of our traumas for safety reasons but like you I just want to hope for th best and preend it never happened! Think that’s why I was so pppp’d off about my tatoo - a constant reminder - although it’s very small

hoping to join officially join this category soon - finish in 2 weeks!!! yippee!!!
love FB xx

Hi Under

I sailed through my treatment compared to others but now a year on I find it difficult to cope when I get pains or anything.


I was diagnosed last november…

I am just about to start the routine of seeing onc then surgeon every quarter … i am looking on this as seeing people i like, who will check over their handiwork… it’s a safety net if i have worries but the reduced frequency tells me i am moving on.

I look at my tiny pinprick tattoo by my clavicle as a tropy - somethign to be proud of - i got through it all…

it’s just a different way of feeling - but i do understnad the other side too. but this is a good thread because talkign about it helps. I know what from personal experience.

Take care.

j x

FizBix, rjenr2 and bubbly,

Thanks for taking the time to reply, it is a tricky one, had my pelvic scan this morning, all good, no problems.

Best of luck to you all!


Glad your pelvic scan went well.
I’m 4yrs from dx and still get very very anxious when the annual mammogram comes round and the oncologist and consultant check ups.
I dread waiting for the mammogram results…also had to have another FNA a few months ago as I was concerned about an area near scar…it was like reliving everything again…thankfully the FNA was clear.

Hope you continue to do well.

karen x

I know just how you feel, I’m coming up to my first mammogram, and I am dreading it, I feel like I’m living the journey again, it is really hard to move on, and I suppose once I have gone through my firsts mammogram, etc I may feel a bit better, I went to the DR 2 weeks ago and burst into tears and I thought where did that come from?

So I know how you feel.

Glad your scan was ok.


hi UTD …I am a year on and got all my stuff tomorrow … been doing fine but just sat in work today spoke to someone and burst into tears .
I have dreadful bone pain that is gonna be checked tomoz .dont want a mammo cos it didnt pick my cancer up anyway so not too confident there !!!anyway got recon implants in so maybe just ultrasound …It has all become so raw again just like last october just want it over xxxxxxxxx
To all those of you in the same boat …Good Luck …all come back with an update xxxxxxxxxxxx