Drain problems

Mx plus recon mon 30 th with further op the following day to take away blood clot and 750 mls fluid after developing haematoma. This left me with total 3 drains. Also had problems end of last week when drains went mad and gathered 540 mls and my hb level plummeted to 7.5.
Anyway, finally left hospital on Monday with one drain. As I was going to bed tues night I felt some fluid on my skin and there was some minor leakage. The cable had rolled over on itself a bit so I assumed it was that. By yesterday morning the dressing covering the drain was starting to come off. District nurse didn’t visit as I was seeing my surgeon last night so I had to keep watching it all day as it kept trying to coil in on itself and I had never had any issues when in hospital and less aware of what I was doing… My surgeon redressed everything and cleaned it all up as he is a stickler about infection. That was 18.30. By 22.00 it started again, the drain is pulling and i now have more blood around the drain entry. So my OH put some micro pore on the lower part of the cable to keep it in place. I have hardly kept or fear of dislodging it and will see what the District Nurse says but I was wondering if anyone else has had these problems more than a week post op.
Fluid also more bloodlike now so told to stop the exercises…
Any advice appreciated. Do these tubes start playing up and coiling n on themselves or am I doing something wrong?
L x

Hi lelly

If its still leaking or the dressing is coming off around it it’s best to put a clean dressing on top don’t take off the one that’s there but if you are given some spare Mepore or you have some swabs or wound pad in your medicine box and put that on top. The dn can look at it today.

If you can tape the line to you that would help prevent pulling and also wear a tight fitting top to hold it in place like a bra or vest top. You could also pin the drain to your bed sheet so it’s not being pulled if it’s in the floor.

If it starts leaking majorly then don’t wait for the dn try calling nhs 24/ nhs direct and if you need to go to a and e they can refer you there… It can be better tO do this sometimes as you can get seen quicker. If you can check your temp too as its possible there’s an infection. If its over 38 even if it’s not leaking anymore call them too.

If your worried its better to get it checked than to lie awake all night wondering if it’s going to get worse.

Let us know how it goes.
Love lulu xx

Thank you so much Lulu
Will look at the dressings we have. Not sure I can get a bra or vest top on at the moment as significant bruising on my side but may try if it will help. The taping to my body has helped a bit but am amazed it has got so mobile the last day or so. From what I have seen, it seems best to try and cope with the drains as long as possible to prevent longer term issues but this is becoming a real distraction. I am a real fidget which doesn’t help and it seems heightened as I am so cautious now but I am sure I was not as careful when in hospital as I spent a lot of time being sick which can pull everything… Have it by my side on the bed as the bed is quite high and keep checking it is not getting squashed.
Will keep you posted

Don’t worry if you can’t get a bra top on it’s just it’s good to have something close fitting as your less likely to pull or dislodge it when your moving.

If its draining lots your surgeon may need to do another minor op. but if it’s starting to trail off he will just leave it in place unt it’s significantly reduced.

But you can phone nhs 24 hours a day and they can go through an algorithm to decide if you need to attend hosp so don’t be afraid to call them even to put your mind at rest.

Just had a thought can you thread the bottle through the leg of close fitting undies if it’s Long enough as that should secure it flat to your body and less likely to move about too


Lulu, thanks again for all your advice. The taping to my side seems to be working best at the moment. Tried the underwear but I am very tall and the tube wasn’t quite long enough. Saw my surgeon again yesterday, following yet another early morning release from the drain entry to my body and he has told me I have to keep the drain until Monday when he will see me again :frowning: that will be 2 weeks…
He has now padded the area up a lot more to try and prevent the leakage and I think his main concern is the colour as it is darker than it was originally though he doesn’t think it is fresh and may be from the haematoma I had post op. also not under the 50 mls a day yet.
Also get a lot of pain in the evenings and not sure if it is the drain and / or the implant.
Keep telling myself it will all be worth it but hadn’t realised quite how hard it would be.
Anyway, did I see on another thread that you have just finished your last chemo. That is fantastic news. You are such an inspiration and your guidance and support to us all is very much appreciated.
Take care
L x

Hello Lelly

you poor poppet I am so sorry to hear about your bother. Have you tried to put the drain into a little light bag with long straps to put on your shoulder. We got one at the hospital and it did take the weight of the drains and helped when going to sleep. I used a pillow under my arm with the drains and again it did help a lot to keep bag and drain in place and did not pull.

Hope you are getting better soon

Fat Cat and I will be thinking of you

Love Alanaa xx

Hi Alaana and Fat Cat
I have a bag from the hospital which I agree helps a bit but am now trying variations of pillows and hoping that will work as I also find that certain positions make my new boob vey tender. I guess I am being impatient and it will take time. On a positive note, the DN has just been and measured 78 mls in 2 days so it is moving in the right direction.
Hope you have a great weekend and I shall keep trying different positions and pillows to my family’s frustration…
Love and hugs
L x

Hi lelly

Good that the drain is draining less… Hopefully it can be removed soon so you can feel more comfortable… Glad the taping worked in the meantime… And keep going with the pillows until your comfy… If your getting pain do take analgesia.

Yup I have finished my chemo again so pleased to be on to the next stage now.

Good luck on monday

Lulu x