Drainage and post surgery underwear

Hi everyone, I am having my last FEC-T tomorrow and am starting to attempt to prepare for surgery. At the moment it is likely to be a mastectomy which will be confirmed post MRI scan, am also having lymph nodes removed. I haven’t seen my surgeon yet but just wondered if anyone knows whether I will be sent home with drains still in or whether I will be kept in hospital until they are taken out? Also does anyone know whether you get provided with any kind of post surgery underwear and prosthetics by the NHS or do u have to purchase these yourself? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks xxx

Hi there I have had Lymph nodes removed and a Masectomy in seperate ops but on both occasions was sent home with drains in place.  Think it is fairly common now and most hospitals encourage it.  You will go home with a ’ softie ’ to wear in your bra before you are fitted with the real prosthesis I believe you get one on the NHS any additional ones you purchase yourself. The softie is made up of a very soft stuffing I found the all in one sports bras with pockets the most comfey post surgery until you can wear a ‘proper’ bra. Pockets ideal for your softie and the real prothesis, underwear is not provided but I bought mine in asda but most of the big stores do them they are like a crop / vest top made from stretchy material. The fitting for the proper prothesis is a few weeks post op when you have started to heal its far too heavy to wear straight away.  Wishing you luck with it all I start my FEC-T next Friday any tips for this Im really scared!!! Take care Xx

Probably go home with drains in…and you will have to purchase your post op bras.I bought mine from a market stall!!!

Have just returned from London.There is a charity shop Hospices of Hope,and took my old prostheses in,not the softies ,but the silicone ones.Going to Moldova!!!

Hi anx56 thanks for ur reply, I was thinking about whether a sports bra would be good but need to find a front opening one, have also seen a camisole top with pockets for the drain to sit in but it’s £56 so need to c if I can afford that just for the short time I’ll need it. I have been quite lucky with my chemo and have coped well with it, defiantly drink lots of fluids, that definitely helped me a lot. Try and keep a bit active if at all possible, I have a 2 yr old so still tried to walk her to school etc mainly in the 2nd and 3rd week of the cycle. I have managed to go to the gym and do some light excerose during the 3rd week too and it has definitely helped to keep my enery levels up. Are you going to try the cold cap? Xx

Thanks for your reply jillybee559 never thought about looking on a market stall, def worth a look x