Hi everyone so had my check up today and had to have my breast drained. It’s was so uncomfortable and boob is feeling tender now. Just wanted to share apart from that I’m ok how is everyone else doing xx

Hi Edgely

Ouch, that sounds very sore.  I hope you are doing well today and that you get lots of replies and support from the wonder community here, on the forum

Best wishes
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Hi Anna, I am ok but currently sat in the breast clinic waiting to be seen as I may have an infection - oh the joys!! Thanks for your reply I have found the forum very helpful it’s like a crutch that I really needed.

Edgely xx

Edgely sorry to hear that. I had to have repeated drainage last year as my drains came out too early and fluid built up. I too got an infection around day 8 of first too chemos.

Hope you’re on the mend now and have some antibiotics.

Hi riverside dawn, I’m ok the drainage knocked me sick so I feel for you having to have that. It turned out that it may be nerve damage or the glue still left under my arm that’s irritating me. I’m starting chemo this month and I found your list of things to help which was great! How far on are you now. Xx

I had mx sept 14, chemo Oct 14-april 15, followed by recon and then rads in July. So I’m done! Mammogram next week and see surgeon the week after xx

Hi Edgely and Riverside

That’s reeelly unfortunate that you both developed an infection. I’m presuming you’re talking about needing  to have fluid a build up of fliud  “aspirated” by a hypodermic needle. I needed fluid (seroma) aspirating twice with my 1st mast and only once with my 2nd but no infection. There’s no excuse for infection really other than that YOU may have somehow introduced it into your wound yourself, perhaps by rubbing too vigourously or roughly when washing. Otherwise, I’m afraid it’s down to inadequate sterile procedures by the medical/ nursing staff when dealing with you.

I was triallling out an innovative anaesthetic technique with both my masts, which I was happy to do, being of a medical profession myself. It involved installing a very narrow slim cannula tube under the chest operation site skin, through the end of which I had regular injections of anaesthetic every few hours (I kept them informed when and if I felt uncomfey and they just injected a bit more ) to keep the whole area immediately numbed - rather than intravenous or oral pain control meds. The reason I’m saying all this is because, these very fine cathers/cannulas had to be very gently pulled out to removed and a dressing placed over the insertion site to prevent infection - obviously. Had no prob with the 1st boob dressing, but with the 2nd, the nurse missed placing the sterile pad part of the dressing over the site properly so it was the sticky plaster part. Which had prevented the small hole from healing, sooo it had increased in size, took a while to heal and left a permanent scar which was then and still IS visible when wearing low V tops. which shouldn’t have happened.

You’ve got to be vigilant,  cos we all have so much trust/HAVE to trust any medical staff to be diligent in doing the right thing, alllll the time, be that surgeons or nurses.  But . . . .  sometimes they CAN be lacking and it falls down sometimes. So, as I said - I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had infection probs.


Hope you’re all doing well and lotsa love, Delly xx


Hi Delly thanks for your response. Mine turned out that it was probably nerve damage or the glue left was irritating my skin so no infection thank god!! I’m sorry you were left with a scar which could have been avoided. I am at Macclesfield Hospital and I have to say they have been amazing, from being diagnosed to where I am now they have been quick, efficient and caring which I’m sure you will agree is half the battle.
How far on are you now delly?
Riverside Dawn, hope you are doing well and mammogram came back clear xx

Hi back Edgely, Glad it wasn’t infection then - just irritation. How are you doing, how long are you post op?

Hey, I’m in Macc too lovey. I’m 1/2 way through implant recon which I opted to have done at W’shawe. Not having lived in Macc  long at the time, I felt W’Shawe may  have better facilities/ equipmnt etc, being a University hosp than our local Gen hosp. Would have preferred the convenience tho’. I can walk there in 20 mins. Good - I’m glad you’ve been happy. 

Keep in touch will you, you being a local Macker!! espesh.  I don’t know many people here. If you need any extra support etc. We could even meet up sometime if you wished - bosom buddies and all that. Have a think on

Lotsa love Delly xxx

Edgely - meant to ask you - was your surgeon a lady at Macc ? We’re asked not to name surgeons on here, but I’ll know who yours was, by male/female !! Plus you didn’t say what you’ve had done surgery/treatment wise  xx