Drains.... Is this normal?

Hi all

I was diagnosed with grade 2 breast cancer with negative sentinal lymph nodes. On 8th March had mastectomy with immediate expander recon with dermal flap.
I was discharged on 10th March with drain still in.
I am still draining about 120ml a day. This is really getting me down. Am just wondering if this is normal. Dressing clinic don’t seem to concerned.
Just need some reassurance really.

hi Judyduddy?
I was in for 7days, five years ago. So automatic total lymph node removal. Came home after drain was removed and leaked everywhere for nearly 2 weeks. If its there it has to come out, be patient. I’m beginning to believe there is no such thing as normal.
Regards Chinook.

Hi juddyduddy yeah mine drained that much each day till day 10 when it was removed, got a bit of swelling around the wound in the armpit but did not need drained, it all settled over the next few weeks

Hi Judyduddy

I had my drain in for 3 weeks following mastectomy in 2009 and have just had a reconstruction in February and had the drain in for 4 weeks! I was still draining 90-100ml everyday. I know its uncomfortable but don’t worry about it, it’s normal. Some people just have more of this serous fluid as its called than others. Its not a nasty fluid, its there to heal the raw wounds from surgery and as the surgery you had was fairly traumatic, your body is sending lots more of this fluid to the wound to help the healing. I eventually had to have my drain removed even though I was still producing a lot of liquid because I was beginning to get sore. I’ve had a seroma since having it removed but just pop back to the ward weekly to have it aspirated. I’ve been 3 times now and it looks like it’s lessening at long last.
Stay with it - won’t be for much longer!
Love Bev xx