hi, i had masectmy tuesday 19th oct…had one drain removed yeareday the other drain was still filling up so was left, this morning the district nurse came and realised that the reason i was in pain was the drain was coming out…so she removed it rang the hospital and they said if the area starts to fill up with fluid i will have to go back to hospital,of course this would happen on a sunday wen i cant find any help lines open so if this has happened to anyone else please could they let me know wat happened to them…thanks…or anyone know of any helplines that r open today x

Hi Avril,

I had to have a drained removed earlier than planned because of a complication with shingles. The area did refill with fluid and the condition is called a seroma. I returned to the hospital a number of times to have it drained. It’s a bit like the opposite of an injection - not a painful procedure just the scratch of a needle. You may not need to have this done but if the area around the wound feels puffy and tight, ring your BC nurse. Some seromas gradually absorb back into the body naturally.

Hope this helps.

Hi Avril

I had similar trouble last week my BC Nurse was away for a few days as well so I was advised to go to my local A&E Department and ask for the Surgical Registra on call , but it did mean hanging around it took so long I gave up and went home and by the time I got to see the BC nurse on the tuesday It had started to reabsord… If your worried it may be worth popping to A&E and seeing what they say…

Hope this was helpful

take care

Hi Avril

Firstly, I would like to wish you well on this journey. I had surgery on 20th September, wide excision, to remove tumour. In my area you do not leave hospital with drains in and by your post it would appear that you did. I had the drains removed and was discharged 48 hrs post surgery, however 6 days after surgery I had some acute pain in my breast and some evident swelling. I phoned the hospital and was asked to go to be seen which I did. I had a haematoma and had to go back to surgery the next day to have this drained. I know that this might have been the extreme but I would always suggest that you are seen at A&E to reassure you and for you to have any necessary treatment.
Take care