Dreaded Mastectomy on 06/03/19

Hi Ladies


I was diagnosed on 21/08/18 with Invasive Lobular BC and completed my chemo on 25/01/19 (pretty brutal!!)

-I had a single mastectomy and full node clearance on 06/03/19…all went well apparently! ?? 

I’m really shocked at the length of my wound though… it goes from the centre of my chest right across to my back! I was expecting a separate incision for my lymph nodes!! In fact, I was expecting the incision to be in my arm pit!! I also have 2 drains in! ?? I didn’t have a recon as radiotherapy is on the cards plus I felt I wanted to recover and give my body a rest before a reconstruction!


I’ve been in a complete tiz about this surgery for months…I’m so devastated that I had to have my breast removed… (I’ve cried buckets of tears about it to be honest! ?)


All I really wanted to say, after all my waffling (apologies!) is how well I feel in myself… I’m more ‘uncomfortable’ as opposed to being in agony… I can do my exercises and get around easily…

For anyone who is waiting for the operation hopefully, my experience may help with the nerves a little bit!

(I did think I may need a straight jacket at one point I was so nervous!! ?)


Thanks for ‘listening’… Stay strong! ??


Love Aneeebel x ???




Thank you for sharing your experience   Aneeebel.