Dressing irritated skin

Hello everyone,

As posted earlier, my Mum had a lumpectomy yesterday. This evening my Mum has noticed that the skin around the top of the dressing is very irritated. She has peeled the dressing back so it’s no longer covering the irritated bit and is going to ring the breast care nurse tomorrow but we was just wondering this is a common problem? My Mum does have very sensitive skin anyway xx

I had a problem my skin was very itchy and sore … Thry thought it might be the adhesive on the dressing…they said that there is often some residue left behind after they are removed I was sore after they removed the dressing for a while as well. GP gave me some mild steroid cream which helped. Once the dressings were off BCNurse said to really slather E45 cream on and leave my bra/tops off for as long as I could.

Hi bumblegirl,

You must be a lovely daughter. Just felt the need to say that. X

I had red itchiness around the edge of my dressings , I think it’s the gum they use as once removed and washed all ok. To ease it I peeled back the edges and trimmed them the washed the sore area and used a honey based cream, was soon much better!

Don’t know if they’ve changed the adhesive on the dressings but the dressing I had after my lumpectomy actually blistered my skin. I had more irritation from dressings than I did from my entire DIEP surgery - crazy!
I made sure afterwards that they only used the clear dressings on me as I didn’t want to take a chance with the white ones again

Hello thank you for replying everyone and thank you hijaqs for your kind words. My Mum spoke to the breast care nurse yesterday and she said as it hasn’t gotten worse and its only sore on the bit where she has now pulled the sticky bit back, that it doesn’t need changing unless it gets worse and its already looking loads better now. Sounds like this is a common problem xxx