dressing removal

Hi don’t know if anyone can help with this but had mx on the 8 th Nov and have been told the dressing can come off after the 15th either at gp surgery or self done. I have an optti site dressing , I think that’s wat it’s called, a clear water proof thing but it seems stuck like glue and I’m worried that pulling it off is going to hurt loads as I’m still very sore, and that it will pull out stitches? In some ways I’d rather do it myself as I’m fed up with being poked and prodded by the medical profession , but not sure if this is feasible. Does any one have any experience of this sort of dressing?
Herbi x

I am due to have mx on Wednesday. I was told that the stitches would be dissolvable. The dressing will be taken off by my surgeon five days later because he likes to do it himself. I should ask your team to do it because they should want to check the wound and you will want to know it’s ok too.
X sarah

Following Mastectomy 5th Oct and axillary clearance 2nd Nov I took my own dressings off 5 days later and then took off the steri-strips after I’d soaked in the shower as instructed by my surgeon and BCN. No ill effects!!
The only thing I would say is when peeling things off peel it towards the incision line and not away so it doesn’t pull the skin edges apart.
Hope you’re feeling better soon. x