Dressings after mastectomy

Hi All

Just wondering if anyone can answer my question.  I am 7 days post op (my how fast that has gone) I have removed the outer dressing from my wound underneath of which is a white strip of dressing about an inch and half deep and about eight inches across the wound.  When removing the outer dressing I was expecting there to be steri strip dressings across the wound?  My question is: - should this dressing be removed and the steri strips will be under that or is this a different type of steri strip dressing?  I sound really stupid but I’m so out of my depth with all this self-care.  I didn’t really want to ring the BCNs again as I have rung them twice already this week for different things, don’t want to become a pest.  Anyone had the same issue??

If in doubt do nowt would be my suggestion. It won’t do any harm to leave it until you feel you have the confidence to ring your breast care nurse. Mind you it is their job to answer the questions patients ask, so without you and other novices they wouldn’t be there…

So don’t be shy, keep asking if you want answers from an expert.

I am an amateur but I like to ask things too.


Hi Chrissy 

I am a district nurse and am familiar with dressings.

The white tape youre talking about will probably be of similar material to steristrips anyway . 

It should just dislodge away from the skin naturally with time & showering. 

If you have been advised to remove your dressings after 7 days then it should be fine to remove it.

If you are going to reapply a fresh outer dressing you could leave the tape in place it really wont do any harm.

If the suture line is leaking or looks open at all reapply a fresh outer dressing & seek further advice from your BC clinic.

You may find another outer dressing at this stage may provide some comfort especially from friction from your clothing.

Hope this makes sense x