Dressings at home after surgery?

I’m having my mastectomy next Monday and not sure if I need to have any dressing type materials at home, gauze, tape etc.  can anyone advise?

@Liz_nz   - Hi Liz

I’m going back a bit with my two masts 2006/07, so I’m not sure whether things are the same these days, but I had a nurse visit me, to change the dressing after, about a week later (I think?), and check the wounds - Or they may have you back at the hospital to do it?? But also, they usually supply you with any dressings if they want you to change any yourself after that.

Might be a good idea speak to your BCN, to check whether you’ll have a nurse visit, or otherwise, so that you know what’s what in advance.

I sooo hope all goes well for you on Monday, and am wishing you speedy healing and recovery, flower.  Delly XX   

Thought I’d give a quick update.  Surgery was yesterday, I went to theatre about 9 am and was discharged at 6pm.  No lymph nodes removed, so only one drain but it was a gall mastectomy.  Bothe tumours that were biopsied were removed but she also found something else attached to the skin but couldn’t remove due to not enough skin to cover the surgery site.  I’m not sure when will happen next but at least the bigger tumours are gone.  The pain when I first woke up was fairly strong about an 8, if felt like my breast was on fire.  Morphine fixed it for a fair few hours but it returned about 4pm, so given oramorph and I’ve paracetamol which all worked quickly.  
I’ve got oramorph at home which I’ve taken but the pain isn’t too bad now I’ll taking meds routinely, codein, oramorph and paracetamol.  
not much dressing really, just like a long white strip of tape and what appears to be similar to food wrap

the drain is really long, it’s actually reaching to the floor and lifting it into a bad or with safety pin isn’t allowing the fluid to drain properly.  I’m liftin it around a bit to get it to drain.

all in all, I’m feeling OK and certainly wouldn’t have needed any home dressings.

love to all


I hope you are ok I had no outreach breast care nurse on Teesside 

So I went to my gp surgery to check dressings.

Praying for you that it goes well. 

The bag on you will need to be taken off by a member of your team.

  • They give you leaflets when you leave.