drink and radiotherapy

I was just wondering if anyone drinks whilst undergoing radiotherapy. I only ask as in the booklet i got it said to advoid alcohol,and when i questioned this with the radiographer she said its best not to,although the occasional glass of wine with a meal would be alright.

Apparently the toxins in the drink combined with the toxins from radiotherapy would make you feel more washed out than usual. I enjoy my couple drinks a couple times a week and didn’t want to wait a month to enjoy them again.


Hi Anxious

I regularly (not in an alcoholic way) drank through radiotherapy and dont think it made any difference to me.

I never even had heard of this!

Go on - have yourself that glass of wine - you deserve it :slight_smile:


I found I was wiped and drink didn’t appeal much but on the few nights it did I had a glass or 2 of wine and felt better for having done so, it’s hard enough going through all this treatment without having to put extra restrictions on yourself IMO.

so I would say have a small glass and see how you fee the day after. And use that as a guide.

Cheers :slight_smile:


I would also make sure you have a glass of water in between glasses of wine to counter the dehydration though, I found that really helped me.


I have not been told to avoid alcohol and have had a couple of glasses of wine a week with no ill effects. But then so far I have not felt noticeably tired. I have one more week to go.

I too didn’t feel particularly tired during rads and had the odd glass or two of wine a week with no ill effects at all.

I’ve never heard of this one either.I sailed throught radio (it was a breeze after chemo) I enjoy a couple of pints of guinness and chemo and radio never got in the way of it!

Thank-you for your replies ladies. I decided to have two bacardis last night but unfortunately fate took a hand. I only drank half as my son has been ill all week and woke up coughing. This made him sick and as a result of blood as well,we spent the evening in casualty!

Good news is that nothing nasty and we went away with antibiotics eventually 4am!,and i will try again next week.

Take care everyone Tracey.