Drinking alcohol during chemo?

Hi everyone, I’ve just had my 2nd fec this week. Me and hubby have been invited to a beer festival bank holiday weekend. I would love to go but not sure whether drinking is ok during chemo, does anyone else have the odd drink? Thank you, Kelly x

Hi Kelly…i was told yup, so have done at few weddings etc. Deffo cut down on general drinking, but don’t think any harm having a few. Enjoy the festival ?

Hi Kelly, was advised not to drink for first 3 days after chemo not that I feel like a drink then. I wouldn’t drink in the days leading up to chemo. I did have the odd glass of wine between treatments but nothing like I used to drink and find that as treatment goes on (I’ve had 3 FEC) don’t fancy a drink because of nausea.


Enjoy the festival!

Hi Kelly

I like a drink but since the pills 3 days post chemo says no alcohol then I have 4 days off - easy really because don’t fancy it but by day 5 I look forward toa glass. Have defintiely cut back especially just before chemo. You have to have some pleasure - I googled it and was not advised to completely stop so just enjoying what I fancy.