Driving after a lumpectomy

Was anyone given any advice about driving after a lumpectomy. I’m only just over a week post op so wouldn’t feel I could drive at the moment but as my follow up appointment with surgeon isn’t until 3 & a half weeks post op wondered if it might be o.k. by then or is it best to wait until after that appointment?

I drove after 10 days without any problems following my lumpectomy Anita. That said I had recovered very well and had full arm movement . I think they normally recommend 10 to 14 days. You will know when you feel confident. Having had a mastectomy 11 days ago I wouldn’t be confident driving yet as my arm movements are more restricted. Lou x

HI Anita, I had a lumpectomy and mammoplasty and was told about 3 weeks before driving - or when you could make an emergency stop!  I drove locally at just over 2 weeks but found going over road humps uncomfortable and felt I needed to use one hand to hold the seat belt away from my chest for these. I also put some foam padding around the belt. Have a go when you feel up to it and see how you get on.

Thanks everyone. It’s nice to follow advice from people who’ve been through it. I’d heard it could be up to 6 wks which felt like a long time. But you all seem to be managing apart from a bit of discomfort. I shall just try a short journey to our local shops this week to see how I get on.