Driving Licence

Hi All

I have been dx with bone mets - hip and pelvis with a patch on my rib.

I havent driven since mid july due to the pain - which was confused because I was heavily pregnant. I couldnt lift my left foot to the clutch pedal!

I had a c-section in August - so couldnt drive for 6 weeks anyway. This means that my 6 weeks are up on Tuesday. And, as I have got most of my mobilty back - I can lift my feet to the pedals again.

I asked my consultant on Tuesday whether I had to inform DVLA of bone mets - and he said no. He thought that it was only if the brain was affected.

Has anyone got any advice regarding informing DVLA, please?


Anne x

Hi Anne

There was a recent thread on this subject on page 3 of the Secondary breast cancer room that you may find interesting, titled “getting back to driving after brain mets”.

Best Wishes
Breast Cancer Care

Bone mets do not need to be reported to DVLA and neither does a C Section.

Most with bone mets are driving and often have Disability Living Allowance (Mobility Component), exemption from paying for a Tax Disc and a Blue Badge. Check these out if you think you might qualify.

Thanks for the advice - will check it out