Can anyone tell  when they were able to start driving again after there WLE/SNB?


My breast nurse said 2 - 3 weeks but surgeon said 4 weeks.


Wendy xx

Hi WP23,


I had a lumpectomy and snb on March 31st.I was told to drive when I felt comfortable.I did start driving the 2nd week after op, but regretted it and ended up leaving it a few days again.

I have since also had a portacath fitted on my right side and do finding driving uncomfortable still, particularly if the seatbelt is not positioned correctly.

One day and step at a time, the trouble is I am too impatitnet and not good at being idle, but I am having to retrain myself :slight_smile: xx Ruth xx



I managed to drive after 2 weeks but obviously it depends on how you heal and how you feel.   My op was on the left side so it took me 2 weeks before I could do the handbrake.


Jaye x

I am almost two weeks post op and haven’t driven yet. My op was on my right side on the top of my boob so basically right were the seatbelt goes. I am still quite sore and my arm is also stiff so I’m going to leave it for at least another week. Everyone is different and I think its when you feel comfortable to do so but the nurse and surgeon also mentioned about insurance so I think its worth checking out.

Take care. Xx pb