Drugs cocktail

I’ve never liked taking tablets and before diagnosis I rarely had anything more than paracetamol for the odd headache.
Since the end of treatment I took Tamoxifen; despite bouts of depression I resisted antidepressants until I had panic attacks at work.
In August I changed to Aromasin and because a dexa scan showed I was osteopenic, I also started taking Adcal-D to help my bones. Shortly after I developed pain in my wrists which turned out to be osteoarthritis, made worse by the Aromasin. I currently take high doses of Ibubrofen and was given Lansoprazole to protect my stomach from the Ibrubrofen.
At the weekend I read an article about research showing that this stomach drug can lead to osteoporosis!
So Osteoporosis may be caused by the tablet I need to take because of the tablets I need to take because of the pain caused by the tablets I take to prevent the cancer coming back, which can cause osteoporosis!
My GP has told me not to try to cut down on the Ibrubrofen yet as chronic pain could make my depression worse as I’ve been feeling low since trying to reduce my antidepresssants.
Anyone else in this situation?

Hi Kelley,
You seem not able to do right from doing wrong with your situation, how confusing for you.
I can only comment on my own case. I have been on Arimidex for past 18months, together with the
adcal-d for my bones. Had a dexa scan shortly after starting treatment which showed I was ‘border line’ - and it was suggested I take allendronic acid - a tablet you take once a week. You are supposed to take it standing up or sitting straight with lots of water so as not to burn the gullet apparently. Well, like you I never used to take anything more than the odd paracetamol - and only when really bad headache, so decided for time being I would resist these other tablets.
Arimidex is known to weaken bones though, but I dont think Tamoxifen is, why did you not carry on with those?
Regarding ibrupofen, I’ve heard it can upset the stomach. I,;m a bit stiff in morning and am considering taking glucosamine which might help.
Hope someone else can offer some other advice to help.
Rosie x

Hi Kelly

I am on diclofenic (anti-inflam) plus Lansoprazole and it’s for joint pain which is osteoarthritus etc etc! Mad isn’t it! But without them, my knee swells up and I can bearly walk. I always take anti-inflam with food and am thinking of knocking off the lansoprazole as heart burn completely stopped since I dropped the cod liver oil.

I take glucosimine too.