Dry and sore!

Hi there

Am on tamoxifin, and have been experiencing some dryness and soreness in the lower portions!

Do you think the tamox vould be contributing to this at all?

There seems to be an area which feels sore to the touch, and it does seem very dry.

I have replens,sylk and vaseline. I don’t like replens, (you get this lumpy stuff come away after you apply it), so have just plastered some vaseline over the area for now.

Anyone else had this at all?

Naz x

Not got to Tamoxifen stage yet but have heard it’s very common to get dry/sore ladybits. I had a phase on chemo where I had the same thing for about 6 weeks, then it went back to normal, very odd.
It’s hormonal and it happens to women who go through menopause.
I don’t know what to suggest other than I’ve heard vaseline is not a good idea as it’s not PH balanced so can irritate in the long term.
Perhaps other people can suggest some stuff?

Dear NAZ

I had it really bad when I was on tamoxifen. I liked SYLK and used it for almost 5 years. I felt it was the best and contains no Parabens. It’s now available on prescription and should be available from your GP. I wouldn’t do replens or vaseline but that’s my personal opinion.

Best regards.


Thanks for your replies.

I will start using sylk again I think…and see if it helps in anyway.

Naz x

when my nurse ran through the tamoxifen side effects she mentioned dryness but she also mentioned loss of libido and said she would be able to prescribe something for that. My 70 year old husband asked if he could have some too–she was not amused. (not that he needs it)

Dear Naz

Don’t be too scare to use it liberally. I think I sometimes worried about putting too much on - was told it would do no harm. At times I had to apply it about four times a day and kept it in my handbag at all times.

Good luck.


Thanks ladies

I will definitely try the sylk again, as i have some on prescription.

Loss of libido is another of my se’s unfortunately. But that is linked to loss of breast, poor recon and having to wait for a new one…

Naz x

No Taxox for me, but will do.
Chemo has caused problems for me there. My Jack and Danny isn’t happy for the first time in my nooky filled life.
I bought some sloppy stuff from Superdrug yesterday, if my fingers aren’t crossed, my blooming legs will be again. It hurt! :o(

Waitrose Baby bottom butter -works a treat !

mmm, i remember a rather exotic experiment with garlic butter back in my youth–is that the same sort of thing??

Hi Naz,

I sufered from the dryness and soreness. Tried replens and sYlk but afer three months my onc presc vagifem-what a relief.
The pessaries do contain eostrogen but as it is not absorbed into the system and I had a hysterectomy my onc obviously thought it was okay for me to have it. I suspect also age plays a part and I think you are probably a few years younger than me.
I will be coming off it soon to see if things have improved and the side effect has settled but if not I think I’ll try the baby bottom butter.


OAL, are you serious - GARLIC butter?! he he he!!!

well we were young and silly and a little drunk–still brings a smile to my face remembering.

Come on, elebotate a little oal?


No, please, don’t encourage her, elttiks!!!

(But I have to admit I am rather curious - what did she do with the parsley!)

…but Choccie, curiosity is only natural, isn’t it?

I’m starting to wonder too!

Mmmm…i will leave you to it ladies!

I may have to try the vagifem when i see onc at the end of next month.

sorry, I dont kiss and tell, you will have to experiment and work it out for yourselves