Dry Hair

Dry Hair

Dry Hair I’m on Tamoxifen since my mastectomy and lymph removal op and up til now have only had Hot Flushes as side effects, but now I’m finding my hair (no chemo or rads) is really dry in spite of conditoning lotion. I wonder if anyone else has found this. Also I find it seems to be getting thinner - another Side effect?
Love to all Gloriana x

me too! Hi there, I had exactly same problem!

My hair definitely thinned, although didn’t ‘fall out’ … and it’s terribly dry and frizzy. Possible thinning of hair is listed amongst Tamoxifen’s side effects, and it certainly seems to be the source of the problem for me.

I got some shampoo for damaged hair which seems to help a bit, but it’s certainly not back to its normal shininess.

If anyone knows anything that really works for this, I’d love to hear from them!

susie x

and me Hello Gloriana

I always had quite greasy hair, and only used a very light conditioner a couple of times a week. I began taking tamoxifen 2 1/2 yrs ago (I’m 53 now) and it became drier within a few weeks - my hairdresser commented on the change and she noticed my scalp was slightly dry and flaky. I started using conditioner every time I washed my hair. This seemed to help, but also after a while my hair/scalp seemed to naturally right themselves and were a lot less dry.
Might be an idea to give it a while as some of the tamoxifen effects do settle down. My hair is still drier than it was pre tamoxifen, but I suppose this could be because I am starting to go through the menopause. Anyway, I have just found a good, rich conditioner that really works for me - Nicky Clarke Smooth it Over - which I use after every wash. I also use a dab of serum that I got from the hairdresser’s after I’ve finished styling (I only blow dry on low heat for last bit of drying), which keeps down the flyaway ends and gives extra shine.
Hope things improve for you.
Best wishes, Timetraveller

dry hair hi all
i too have found that my hair has dried out and become courser. i am 34 and after having allthe treatments under the sun, am now on tamoxifen (and menopausal). i used to have really fine hair and greasy hair and skin pre BC. my hair grew back thicker, coarser and greyer after chemo. and i seem to have a dry scalp as well.
i am still trying to find a happy medium on the shampoo front, so will let u know whats good.
but i do use Toni and Guys, Honey and oat conditioner and its great.

and i massage some coconut oil (superdrug at 99pence) into my hair and leave overnight. it makes a little bit of a difference.

hope things improve wiht time.

take care


Thanks! Many many thanks for the suggestions! Off to shop …

love to all
susie x

olive oil? A friend’s just recommended using olive oil at night and washing it out in the morning. Has anyone tried this?