Dry mouth after months on tamoxifen

I have been on tamoxifen for several months now and have started to develop a dry mouth with a bit if a meh taste. Anyone else developed this after seemingly no initial SE apart from flushes.


I’ve been taking Tamoxifen now for 2 months and one of the first things I noticed was a dry mouth.  Its a strange sensation and one I’d never had before having chemo which gave me a really dry mouth too.  I’d had pre adjuvant chemo so whilst I then was having surgery the side effects of the chemo wore off and I lost the dryness in my mouth.  I keep meaning to ask the bcn but I’m bogged down with rads at the moment!  Once I ask her, I’ll let you know the answer.  It could be a change of brand is needed as there seems to be lots of talk here about which ones are best.  I hope it doesn’t cause problems though because the chemo and dry mouth lead to a big cavity for me in my wisdom tooth!!!


Let me know if you get any answers from the professionals.