Dry Shampoo

Am having my major op on the 29th July (DIEP Flap breast reconstruction) and will be in hospital for about a week. They have said bring in dry shampoo, obviously not to get things wet. Which one is the best???

Definitely Batiste Dry Shampoo is the best of all of them, when I had hair it was long straight and fine, I had to wash it every day so it didn’t look greasy, but once discovered dry shampoo I could use that every other day to prolong it.

I used a lot of dry shampoos and Batiste was the best, get it from Superdrug, Boots etc


Thanks - I too have shoulder length hair, that goes greasy if I dont wash every day, so didnt fancy leaving it for a week (the time Im in hospital) Just looked at a website and they said Batiste is the best, shall hunt it down.

hi batiste also do a brunette one so it doesnt make hair look grey as it dries powdery x