Dry shampoo

morning all, i’m on day 8 of my first chemo & my hair looks rank. I’m trying not to wash it too much but wondered if u can use dry shampoo between washes. This question has probably been posted before but i can’t find it,lol. Im using the cold cap, thank u x

I am probably not the best person to answer this - but I will chip in with my thoughts. I used dry shampoo in hospital when I was admitted for three days, mainly for convenience. I was on day 8 to 11 after first chemo and didn’t have any problems.

If you are using the cold cap they do advise you to wash your hair less frequently - about once or twice a week and to leave it for 48 hours after each chemo. In my opinion, if your hair is going to fall out if you wash it gently then it’s going to fall out when you brush or comb it. If it is strong enough to stay, then it will stay.

I used the cold cap for only one chemo - it didn’t work for me but I blame that on the nurse - she didn’t wet my hair properly and then messed about with the cold caps for ages so that when I finally got one in place my hair was nearly dry again. I didn’t know enough to challenge her about it and by the time second chemo date came round I had quite a big bald patch on the top of my head and decided to ditch the cold cap.

Good luck - there are some good success stories on the forum from people who have used the cold cap (properly) with good results.