Dry skin on nipples/aerolas?

Does anyone know if dry nipples or surrounding areas is normal and how to get rid of it? I sometimes suffer from seborrheic dermatitis/dandruff but sometimes when I take my bra off I see small white thin flakes (really small, like sand or grain) in my bra (both cups).


They’re sometimes itchy. It’s worth noting I have a few hairs around the area, could this be dermatitis/eczema?


Any advice would be good, thanks. 



Hi, I’ve had really dry and flakey nipples since rads. I am using aquius moisturizer 3 times a day and it helps. Over the years i’ve hair hairs grow here and there but since rads all hair has gone. If you’d worried (obviously you are or you wouldn’t be here posting :smileyhappy:) get it checkout out by GP. Could be eczema or maybe even thrush.

Hm, did the dreaded thing of Googling and found out itchiness and flakes could be symtoms of Paget’s disease :confused:


but i get mild itchiness and flakes for both boobs so I don’t know. I’ve read some people use coconut oil but would this react with the nipple in some way? It’s the mild itchiness that is annoying but I’m trying to stay more hydrated hopefully this will lessen the dryness