Dry Skin on Tamoxifen

Dry Skin on Tamoxifen

Dry Skin on Tamoxifen My oestrogen levels have fallen and as a result the skin on my face it really dry and flakey. . I know on the scheme of things its no big deal but I’m 30 but feel like a 100 year old

Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know of a good remedy? Im currently using rose oil instead of my usual moisturiser and my skin sucks it up.



Hi, you need to moisturise it from the inside. Evening primrose caps are brilliant for this - start off on 1000 mg or 1 grm and after about 3 months you could up it to 2. Also increase your water intake, room temp with a slice of lemon in is great for the skin.Hope this helps.
Shirl X
Just had another thought, get a good facial exfoliater and use twice a week at night before putting your rose oil on.

thanks Shirl I will give it go.
many thanks

dry skin hi ladies
i too have really dry skin thanks to tamoxifen. i used to have greasy hair and skin before and now its the other extreme.

where do you get rose oil from? i wouldlike to try it.
and the oilof evening primrose - do you get it in oil formor do you take it in tablet form? sorry if these questions sound a bit thick.


The evening primrose oil comes in capsule to swallow - best taken at night when going to bed. You can also buy it in liquid but have only ever seen this at Boots and dont know how strong it would be. Its great for nurishing the skin from the inside and because its non phytoestrogen you dont have to worry about taking it as a supplement if your bc was hormone reseptive. The oil of rose i would think you can buy anywhere that sells essential oils - as long as its diluted. You can also get evening primrose oil in a bottle to put directly onto the skin.

Starflower oil capsules are more expensive than evening primrose oil, but two 500mg capsules have same benefits as 5 x 500mg EPO. I have been taking these for about 6 yrs - 3 yrs prior to BR C - to help regulate hormones. You can get them from Holland and Barrett or Healthspan mail order. I noticed an improvement in the condition of my skin after a few months. I also have a few pumpkin seeds every day on my cereal or yoghurt. Again, these have properties beneficial to the skin.
Since taking tamoxifen my skin has become noticeably drier - feels tightish after cleansing (I only use mild Simple products) - but not flaky. I now use a rich night cream and day cream with Sun Protective factor (Superdrug Optimum Advance), and a tinted moisturiser, and find my skin is in pretty good condition as long as I keep it well moisturised with these products.