Dry, yet Watery, Eyes....A Possible Solution

Here is a thought for all of you who are suffering from watery eyes, due to dry eye. I had been told that I had a bacterial infection, that my eyes were permanently scarred, and so went for a second opinion.

The opthamalogist told me that while I had severe dry eye, it could be helped by plugs. This really scared me, but he placed temporary plugs in my tear ducts. the temp one dissovle in 10 days; if they work, he said we would put in permanent ones.

Voila! My eyes are no longer itchy, aching, dry, gritty…that horrible feeling. I feel human again. So, wanted to share my new find.

I am in Day 4 of the punctal plugs…it is GREAT. I am so glad I went for a second opinon!

A more formal description for you follows:

Temp Punctal:
Temporary punctal occlusion. Sometimes it is necessary to close the ducts that drain tears out of the eye. This is done via a painless procedure where a plug that will dissolve quickly is inserted into the tear drain of the lower eyelid. This is a temporary procedure, done to determine whether permanent plugs can provide an adequate supply of tears.

Permanent Punctal:
Permanent punctal occlusion. If temporary plugging of the tear drains works well, then silicone plugs (punctal occlusion) may be used. The plugs will hold tears around the eyes as long as they are in place. They can be removed. Rarely, the plugs may come out spontaneously or migrate down the tear drain. Many patients find that the plugs improve comfort and reduce the need for artificial tears.

Ask your doctor about it to see if it might work for you.


Oh very interesting. I have very dry skin and a knock-on effect is that the edges of my eyelids are a bit flaky (not to the point that you can actually see) and as such my eyes get dry and itchy. I use single dose eye drops as I am allergic to preservatives in eye drops and creams.

Next time I go to see the GP I will ask his opinion - he seems to like me and these days will give me whatever I ask for so worth a try.