Due to start Chemotherapy in June .,,


I saw my oncoligist yesterday they have indicated
All along that chemo would proberbly be part of my
Treatment plan a lot to do with my age & my cancer
Being strongly ER&PR Positive although I am a
Normally a very strong person this has to be the toughest
Time I have ever had to face in my life it’s a very lonely place
but I’m going to throw every thing I have into coming out
the other side…

I’m sure we have all felt angry upset & frightened on this
Journey but we don’t have a choice other than to
Fight it!!

Does anyone have some advice on how you coped

Michelle X

Hi Michelle
I’ve sent you a PM

Hi Michelle. You will be amazed at how tough you really are! My advice is keep posting on here for support and take one day at a time. It doesn’t have to be lonely. Sadly there will be many posting on this site at the same stage as you. I am one year on from treatment. I’m a different person now in many ways but the old “me” is still in there.
:slight_smile: x

Hi Michelle. I’ve had around 7 chemos over the last 8 years, and these are my top tips:

  1. Tell the chemo nurses everything about your reactions to the chemo. Everyone reacts differently, and these are lots of things that they can do to help you deal wih any problems. And don’t wait until your next appointment - phone the oncology department and ask for advice when you need it.
  2. You will usually be given a ‘doggy bag’ of anti-nausea and anti-diarrhoea pills after your chemo. If these don’t work for you, let the hospital know as there are alternatives. I often get constipation and find that the hospital-prescribed ‘bulking-up’ powders you mix with water (eg. Laxido) work well, particularly if you take them before things get too bad.
  3. Expect to be tired and don’t try to fight it. “Duvet Days” are pretty much inevitable as your body needs to rest in order to repair the damage done throughout your body by the chemo.
  4. If you don’t have anyone to drive you, take advantage of the hospital’s volunteer drivers to get you to and from your appointment. It might take a bit longer sometimes, but your body can be badly shocked by chemo, so it’s probably safer to let someone else drive, at least until you know how you will react.
  5. Take your own entertainment with you on chemo days. You usually find interesting people to talk to, but chemo involves hours of sitting around waiting, so suduko, a good book or your favourite magazine can help you relax and make the experience more pleasant.
    Hope it all goes well. Love Lynn

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hi michelle there is another thread for june chemo im in there as start my chemo 29th of june .hope u can join us on this horrible journey but we can help each other feel better .i no the june ladies have helped me xx

hi michelle there is another thread for june chemo im in there as start my chemo 29th of june .hope u can join us on this horrible journey but we can help each other feel better .i no the june ladies have helped me xx

Hi michelle,

There’s a bunch of us jubilee chicks in the starting chemo in June page.

Pop in for a chat and catch up anytime. We are all at the same stage, some started some apprehensively waiting to start.

it’s not a great situation to be in but I’m sure we can keep each other going.

Elli xx

Hi Michelle,
Things will seem tough at the moment, but the more you get to know about what treatment you are having it does get a little easyer. If you join the June thread for chemo there is lots of laddies going through very much the same. We try to support one another and give tips on things that you may feel usefull. It all so very good support network, we are there for one another.
Maybe see you there soon,
Carolann. xxxx

Thanks Guys will let you know hw things go :slight_smile: x

Michelle Xxx

hi Michelle. Also starting chemo in June, on 19th. Dreading it but know I have to try and get through it. Will keep each other company through treatment I hope. Just bought some funky scarves and buffs so all ready for when I become a badly. Ha ha xx

meant to say bald not bad. Typo error!

Hello ladies,
I’ve just pop in from the May thread. Just to say I’m having six lots of Taxol, had second dose last week and yes, a few days after you may not feel quite the ticket but I am finding it very doable so please don’t worry too much. Just rest when you need to. The hair loss is something to get used to but you do. All my friends prefer my wig, not sure what this said about my original hair style!
Good luck to all you jubilee budies.
Claire x

Hi Kath,
How did it go today for you hope your not feeling to bad?
My turn tomorrow hey it’s a little to surreal really!
Hope all you other ladies are ok?

Michelle x☺

hi Michelle. Hope all goes well for you today. It was a lot better than a thought for me, can’t believe how well I feel now. Did drink loads of water - spent most of the afternoon making trips to the loo but think it must have helped. Also still taking anti-sickness meds so when they wear off might feel worse - hope not. Good luck and take it easy. XX