Due to start june 7th 6xfec

Anyone having the same regime. I’m so scared at the thoughts of what’s to come. Anyone goinf through same so we can support each other. I’m going to be cold capping too anyone else? X

Hi Melia, I’m sure you won’t be the only June starter and hopefully you can link and support each other through the coming months. Meanwhile you may find the May 17 starters helpful. I started 3 FEC + 3 T on 23rd May. So far ok. Hugs. X

Hi mjk thanks. When should I expect side effects to start is it straight away with fec x

Hi Melia

I’m having the same regime too 6xFEC (although not cold-capping) starting the first session tomorrow. I have joined the May starters and have found their posts useful in terms of what to expect x

Hi Melia,


My treatment is the same as yours - 6 x FEC.


Tomorrow is my last one, I had my first one on the 16 February.  I’m a sicky person at the best of times and I was really worried that I would have my head in a bucket.  But, I take 3 antisickness pills, + steroids + heartburn tablets and the chemo is doable.  I will feel queasy tomorrow and Friday, but it is manageable.  The steroids allow me to clean the house on the Saturday (I love the steroids, apart from the bright red face you get). Then I crash and burn on the Sunday.


After the first chemo, I was working from home on the Monday, but after the 4th one I couldn’t work until the Tuesday and after the 5th it was the Wednesday.  My bones ache and I’m just so tired and dizzy I just can’t get out the bed.  But, I have managed to go into my office on the day 12 until my next chemo day every time.


I did suffer from bleeding gums, swollen face, aching bones, sore mouth where it feels like sandpaper and really foul tastesbuds.  The hospital gave me a mouth wash and so far I haven’t suffered with any ulcers.


The strange thing is that the side effects have got slightly better each time, they happen on day 5 and are gone by day 7, it’s just the tiredness that has kept me in bed.


Some of my friends have had no side effects at all on FEC, one lady has even been ripping up carpets in her new house the day after.  My other friend went about her normal life as well.  We are all now finishing our last chemo’s this week and can’t believe we have finally got to the end.


I do have rads starting on the 5th July, but I was told that after chemo, rads are a breeze ???


The one piece of advice that I would pass on that I got from the ladies on here is to ask for a PICC line as not many ladies manage to get to the end of FEC without having to have one.  I had one after my 2nd chemo and it was the best thing ever.


I hope this helps allay your fears - best of luck and I hope it all goes well for you.


Susan x



Hi Melia. I’m on 6xFEC started in May. So I’ve had 2 treatments so far. I haven’t had any real side effects apart from hair loss. All other side effects for me have been niggley rather than anything else. I’m still working (though from home) and have only been off on treatment day as hospital is so far away. It’s the ‘not knowing’ that is the scariest part. Once you’re at the hospital and speaking to the nurses that are very reassuring, so are very good and put you at ease. Hope it all goes well for you. And remember, If you do have side effects let them know as there is usually something they can give to minimise their impact.

Thanks I think it is the fear of the unknown making me worse wondering how I’m going to be. What do they do with a pic line I have heard of it but the nurses said I have good veins so haven’t really asked about it. Good luck wandenstrong for tomorrow I’ll join the may forum and look out for your posts. Are u getting a pic line in? Did you cold cap silver fox? That’s so good busy bee that you’ve not had many side effects I hope I’m the same@ have u ladies gained weight I’m not too fussed if I put a stone or so on but don’t want to gain about 5 haha xx


I’m meant to be starting this Saturday but just found out today I have appointments at the hospital for tomorrow. I’m not having the cool cap. I’m finding it really scary.

I’ve got a little girl aged 2 and had to stop breastfeeding so they can do the chemo.

I had MRI and CT scans 2 weeks ago and still waiting for the results. Maybe that’s what tomorrow’s appointment is for.

It’s lovely to hear from those at the end of chemo. Thanks for sharing so we can see what to expect.

Best wishes to you all. We can do this!

Melia, I have had 2 FEC cycles so far without a picc line, just a cannula into the veins in the back of my hand. They have used the same vein twice - No issues - straight in. The nurse said that she will be able to use another vein in the same hand. They don’t seem to have any concerns and have not mentioned a picc line. Im just going with what ever they recommend for now. Again, it is very individual, so go with what is best for you.

Hi Melia

I’m starting 15th June. Either fec-t or six fec not entirely sure yet.
Would appreciate some support to. Where do you live x

Thanks ladies i will see no I go with the first one. Hi I lovemarsbars (love the name) haha. I’m In South shields near Newcastle what about you. My dates been put back until Monday the 12th now as I’m on antibiotics. So we will be practically starting together. Are you cold capping? Xx