Dull Ache in breast after rads


I have been OK until now. I am 3 weeks post rads and have just noticed a dull ache in my breast. Today I had to take painkillers. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it still the radiation working? Maybe I have stretched too much or something. chris x

sounds perfectly normal - in fact 2 years on I still get the same ache now and again-plus the affected breast definitely feels different-so don’t worry. Radiation does go on for a bit after rads.

hi chris, im also 3 wks post rads. burns healed up about a week ago but have had sharp stabbing pains in radiated boob for the last week. takes me unaware and really hurts. boob was very tender and sore last week but then i started a period(boo). tenderness went away but still getting the stabbing pains. sorry thats not much help 2 u but ur not on ur own!! love alex xxxx

Hi Chris

I am a year and four months after treatment and i still get a dull ache every so often. Have had my first mammogram since DX and no eveidence of disease.The breast nurse told me that sometimes this is just one of these things that happens. I had WLE 6 FEC and 20 Rads plus 2 boosters.

Hope this helps a little but if you feel worried see your GP.

Hope all is well.

Love Anne xx

hi chris, 11 months post rads, pains were quite bad initally, eased off now but still get them, spoke to my onc about it as i found one area seemed to have gone harder than the rest, my onc examined me and said its all down to the radiation doing its work, nothing to worry about, i took the occasional co-codamol, seemed to do the trick , angie

Hi Chris

Sounds like the usual stuff, from what everyone on here says and what I experienced myself. The rads carries on working for AGES after you finish treatment. My BC boob is still slightly warmer than the healthy one and I’m 10 months after treatment.

But the initial tenderness and discomfort disappeared after a few weeks.

Sarah x

Hi Chrissy

I’m 4 months post rads & get the occasional ache and sometimes quite a sharp pain in treated boob.

At end of June my underarm swelled even though only the lower part in the firing line.

My boob feels slightly hard on occasion and on other days feels quite soft.

All this is quite normal; if you are 3 weeks post rads you should have a clinic appt soon to check how you are healing. I’d suggest you write down any concerns to take with you.

For the first 4 weeks post-rads I kept a very short diary of what was happening boob-wise & my onc went through it explaining what was going on & answering my questions.

I have another clinic appt in August so the swelling/sharp pain/ hardness is on my list.

Take care

Hi all

Like the others I think what you are experiencing sounds like similar experience to many of us. I have just had my annual review (Diagnosed last August) as review was pulled forward due to me being a bit concerned about a lump in affected breast. After a bit of an anxious time and a few tests I was reassured that it was a cyst which is now drained. I would advise talking your concerns through with your bcn. I found mine really helpful and not dismissive of my concerns (sometimes my paranoia). I think it goes with the territory that real fear of it coming back. Hopefully it diminishes a little with time. take care all. J.

Hi Chris im finding im getting a sort of tingling going from one side to the other & sometimes it shoots through the nipple. Sounds like its the rads SE still get it checked if it worries you at all

Mekala X

Hi everybody

And thanks for all the comments and advice. I do not have any ache today, so I am feeling a lot better about it. Lynne, I do not have another appointment with anyone until NEXT YEAR!! March 2012 to be exact. During my rads I saw the onc and also at the end so perhaps it is different in my area. Mekalar, I had the tingling sensation too, but that has gone now. All your advice has now put my mind at rest. I too have the hot breast still so perhaps it is the rads still working. I do still feel very tired though some days, but if the radiation is still working, then perhaps that is why? Anybody else feel tired and fatigued sometimes? chris x

Hi chrissy16

Yes I am feeling extremely fatigued. Have had 13 rads so only 2 more to go tomorrow and Monday. Trying to still do 4 hours a day work as well before travelling in to hospital. Feel wiped out today and a bit achy in both arms. Also feel almost nauseous but not quite if you know what I mean. Have you had that?

Lynn x


Yes I did have the nauseous bit more at the end of treatment really. I know what you mean, nauseous but not nauseous, but still nauseous. I feel so tired today and have a headache too so had to lie down for a bit this afternoon. I am doing things, but not really enjoying it, if you know what I mean, no energy at all today. Did not have a very good night last night, so perhaps it is that. chris x

Hi chrissy16

Yeah - could be the bad night is adding to the problems. Thanks for your response by the way - I feel a bit more “normal” now as far as symptoms are concerned. Thought it was only when you had chemo that you felt nauseuous - though I’m sure that’s worse.

Lynn x

Hiya All,
I’ve had 12 out of 19 Rads - I’ve been totally wiped out on occasion and slept the clock round; plus been feeling nauseous for a couple of days now.

I’m guessing this is fairly normal but I’m open to suggestions!

Love to you all


My get-up-and-go has got up and gone too. Have a list as long as my arm of all the things I need to get done and it just isn’t happening. And, how long can I blame “chemo brain” for forgetting and doing stupid things?

Hi all I’ve had 12 from 15 then 8 boosters to come, the only thing I’ve noticed is the tiredness, I’m still managing to run my business although my OH has sent me home early twice this week and am having tomorrow off. Yesterday evening I actually managed to sleep all even on the sofa and went to bed and went off again quickly, so in total I reckon I slept for around 14 hours.

I found the best way to avoid the tiredness was to follow the advice I’d read on these forums and get some exercise each day. I walked a few miles each day during rads and felt so much better for it.
Sarah x


All of the comments have made me feel a lot better, and that I am not unusual. It seems the norm to be very tired and fatigued as the radiation does its work. I have never been this tired in my life. Yesterday I had a lie down on the bed in the afternoon, and last night I was so tired I went to bed early and slept all night until 10.15 this morning when someone woke me up by ringing my phone, otherwise I would have stayed there all day. I have been told though that it does go away eventually, so I am looking forward to that day. Anyone reading this and going to have rads, yes you will get tired, unusually tired I would say, even if you haven’t done anything. It is even there when you get up in the morning. It is relentless, but nothing to be afraid of as it is normal, so don’t be afraid. chris x

Hi chris so sorry you are really suffering im still quite tired & I too am making sure im in bed early even if im not sleeping im resting. Your doing all you can & that is SLEEP or have lay down when it gets too bad & if you sleep for ages then you needed it.

Hope the tiredness lifts for you soon just be GOOD to you & listen to your body
sending you love

Mekala xx

Hi Mekala

I feel so much better now after having a really good nights sleep. If only I could have that every night! I am going to go to bed early though. Hope all is well with you and you are not feeling too bad. I have my sons wedding in around 6 weeks time and I want to feel much better for that. I will just have to have more rests in the afternoon as I really do think this helps. Take care, love chris xx