DVT anyone?

I am fit and active, not over weight and eat healthily…
But on Monday when I got up my right calf hurt…went away after i’d walked the dogs but was back on Tuesday with left calf hurting a bit too…very odd.

So today I went to docs…blood test for dvt sent off and came back as elevated risk so got jabbed with heparin and off for long ultrasound scan on legs tomorrow…Bluddy hell its all I need and I feel like crying! Add to thea the sudden bout of indigestion that started 24 hours ago and will not depart I feel really peed off!

Anyone else had either dvt or raging indigestion on FEC?

Crikey that sounds scary!! I’m so sorry and I don’t blame you at all for feeling shaken by it. I hope the heparin has done the trick and that the pain has reduced.

I don’t think I’ll be much help at all as I’ve never had a DVT and although I did have indigestion on FEC I can’t for the life of me remember what the tablet I took was called, I’m sure it started with an O but although I finished chemo a few weeks ago now unfortunately the chemo brain is still in force.

By way of reassurance though I do remember that I only suffered with it for the first 10 day of the cycle and then it went. With the 2nd and 3rd cycle the tablet was so good I hardly even noticed the indigestion.

I’m sure though that some of our fellow forum users will be along soon though with far better advice and much better memories of the drugs they took.

Good luck and I hope you’re better soon.



had to reply to your message. Don’t want to worry you but you need to be very careful. You say you have indigestion but I am concerned it may not be that.

Many years ago I had a DVT which ended up as a pulmonary embolism. Basically a blood clot in my lungs. Initially it felt like indigestion to me and went to Dr as was in alot of pain. Anyway to cut a long story short, went to hospital for chest Xray and collapsed, then rushed to A&E and spent a week in intensive care.

Please go to the hosp if it gets any worse. Better to be safe than sorry.

Karen x

Hi Lost…:slight_smile: Yup, I developed dvt in my ARM half way through FEC-T chemo. Long story involving dodgy veins, a poorly cared-for picc line and a twerp of a nurse. Had the remainder of my chemo, the Taxotere, through an implanted port and had to inject Clexane every day for 6 weeks.

Annoying thing is that after the Clexane finished, they didn’t recheck to see if the dvt was still present. I made a fuss, but they said it wasn’t necessary. Was too chemo-fuelled at the time to deal with it but am now post chemo and off to the doc tomorrow to organise a test privately to make sure it’s gone, which I don’t think it has.

Don’t panic though, it should be quite treatable, if a bit of a pain in the butt… :-(. Good luck with the tests :slight_smile:

Hi LiF,

Sorry to hear that, what a bummer. I can’t help with the DVT other than extend sympathy, but omeprazole is good for indigestion - it’s for acid reflux and inhibits acid production.
Hope you get the dvt sorted soon.

Best wishes. Stella

Will mention the indigestion to the docs later Karen…don’t think its anything other than indigestion as took live yoghurt and gaviscon last night and its gone! Phew! Thanks for the warning…PE would not be good!
Yhe odd thing is I have really good veins and no swelling or any other symptoms, the docs know how active I am and are mystified as to why it should be other than cancer is a general risk for dvt.

Happy days! At least I don’t have many other SEs from the FEC so am lucky

G’day matey, I saw your post and thought I might reply although I am not sure if it will help you. I am on the FEC 100 regime of chemo. I have completed 2 of the 6 chemo sessions that I need before I have surgery and radiotherapy.

I have a long list of side effects from the chemo and heartburn is one of them. I do take omaprazole for it (am allowed it with the FEC chemo) and I also had the joy of the DVT diagnosis this week (they found my 2 clots in my arm that the chemo went into).

I now have to self administer daily 2 injections of clexane to thin my blood for an estimated 6 months. What fun!

I do hope things go better for you honey?

This chemo sucks, but at least I can say that my lumps are shrinking already. I don’t have as much breast pain now that chemo has started and I no longer have to shave my legs!

Take care, be assertive with your doctors and kind to yourself.

If you want to share any other chemo horrors, I am around matey. x