I just wanted to share that after 8 months of battling with DWP I have finally been granted contribution based ESA.  It wasn’t a problem with the cancer being the reason, it was to do with my NI contributions.  It’s a long story so don’t want to go into it, however, on several occasions, by several people I was told NO I wasn’t entitled.  However, I wouldn’t let it go and it’s now been granted and backdated.  


If there is anyone else out there having problems with DWP, don’t give in.  It was extremely frustrating, especially while I’ve been having chemo throughout, and all the fun that entails, but it was worth it in the end :-) 


Hi Spudgirl, well done you!! Great to hear your persistence has paid off but you shouldnt have had ll the hassle in the first place. I hope Crusty reads your post (he has been on the PIP…yes thread) and continues his fight. x