Dying hair after using cold cap

I have been exceptionally lucky after using the cold cap I still have 50% of my hair.
The thing is it is grey now at the roots and I want to dye it. I have purchased a dye from Holland and Barrat that claims to have organic ingredients, but it still contains Hydrogenperoxide. My last chemo was mid december.

Has anyone dyed their hair that was saved with the cold cap ? and if so when?

Thanks in advance

Hi CrystalT

I,ve had 5 FEC so far and used the cold cap for all of them. I’ve dyed my hair twice using Naturetint which is vegetable based but does have some chemicals in ( not sure which ) last dyed my hair a week after last chemo and it has been fine.

Caz x


Is it the permanent Naturtint that you use, or the semi permanant one?

I have a permanent one here that I keep thinking about using, it says organic ingredients, and no ammonia, no resorcinol and no parabens, but it does contains Hydrogen Peroxide.
was yours the same?

Thanks for very useful info


I was just reading the paxman cold cap website (plug in kind) - and this suggested for those still with hair after chemo has finished that the same level of care needs to be maintained for eight weeks after final session.


I used the cold cap throught chemo and lost about 50% of my hair. It’s very thin now and the colour was horrible - streaked with grey and I felt really depressed about it… I dyed it before my last chemo treatment using the permanent naturtint from Holland and Barrett. I took advice from my breast care nurse who said it should be OK but warned me that my hair might react and fall out.

I went ahead and used the dye anyway and 5 weeks later I haven’t had any major hair loss. I was on Tax so don’r know if this makes any difference.


Hi Crystalt

i used the permanant one, my bcn told me not to even dry my hair with a hairdryer and I looked at the paxman literature which also said not to wash to often or use heated tools etc. My thoughts were that I looked bad enough and felt bad enough going through chemo that I didn’t want to have a bad hair day every day, its a decision only you can make and everyones hair will react differantly ( with or without chemo ) for me I just wanted to look my best and thought whats the point in going through all that to keep hair if its going to look pants.

Good luck
Caz xx

Can I digress slightly on the subject f cold cap.

I have had 3 x FEC and 2 x FEC and have about 70% of my hair left (it is thin on top). I have one more TAX next week and I am finished.

What I want to know is how did your hair grow back. How long did it take before you notced it was thickening out and shedding less. did it come back a different colour/texture.

Sorry to hijack your thread…



I am 5 weeks after my last FEC, and no new hair growth yet, although I know someone whos hair started growing back before her 6th FEC, so I guess it is another of these individual things.

Lah60 and Cazzb - I have a holland and barratt dye, that I willnow be using over the weekend, thanks to both of you for your comments.


I had 4xfec,4xtax,Although I wore the cold cap throughout I lost most of my hair on the tax. However it came back very quickly after my last chemo and I had a thick head of white hair 3mths later which I dyed using Naturtint.I’ve been using the same dye now for over 4yrs and my hair is in fantastic condition- and back almost down to my waist!


Josie…wow! Thaks for that. I have lots of fine short hair sprouting through according to my friend who had a look yestrday, so you have made my day!


The cold cap worked well for me too. I lost around 30-40% of my hair with no bald patches
I had 6 chemosessions - 3 FEC and 3 Taxotare so I should have lost everything without the cold cap, the last session 5th May 11

My hairdresser trimmed my hair every month and I washed my hair no more than twice a week allowing it to dry naturally. This was under the guidance of the nurse who managed my cold cap each chemo session

I had a semi permanent colour 7 weeks after my last chemo and I have just had permanent highlights at 12 weeks using a spatula on the hair I didn’t lose. My hairdresser did not apply the dye right down to the roots to avoid the scalp . My new hair growth is about 1 - 1.5 inches

It is frustratating to have kept your hair with the cold cap and you can’t do anything about the colour of the roots whilst having chemo but its a great achievment to have kept so much.

I would recommend highlights as this balances out and blends with a suitable colour and new hair growth can be left alone to become stronger. Regular trims are also key as the hair maintains a healthy finish. Don’t forget that the hair kept has taken a battering

Throughtout I have used John Freida’s root awakening shampoo, conditioner and leave in spray. I have achieved 1.5 inch of new hair growth in 12 weeks. I don’t know if this would have happened anyway but I took researched and took all advice on offer

CS July11

Hi. I started to dye my hair firstly using a washout mousse being careful to avoid the scalp I even used a toothbrush occasionally to dab the black around the grey bits at the front and temples! It was fine and if the colour got on my bald patch it just looked like hair! I also used an eyebrow tint kit in the same way you just leave it five minutes. I now use Clairol nice and easy 6 wash colour in dark brown as it’s 5 months since the chemo. Looking forward to using semi permanent and then my usual permanent soon, as the hair I lost is now giving me a lovely lift on the scalp as it grows out!
Cheers grania

Hi Josie
I wanted to ask if you keep the cold cap on throughout treatment? I’m on 6th of 8 today have lost almost all my hair on cold cap now a very small coverage but it’s good for regrowth I’ve heard and I can still get away with it at home and local trips, I do have a wig for more social days out but hoping it will start thickening after my last chemo in June? Thx Karen