Brief history, dx sept 09, grade 3 trip neg, had wle chemo and rads. My treatments finished in May this year, and have been recieving employment support allowance. Started the process of interviews with work about a phased return, my job is quiet physical so becuse i have lymphodema they are having to try and accomadate me in a new role with lighter duties, which they are taking their time in organising. Anyway… I had to go to an assessment last month for E.S.A and today I recieved a call telling me ’ you are fit for work’ and my esa will be stopped from yesterday. After explaining that I am waiting for work to accomadate my new needs I asked what benefit I should be on and was told ‘well this one realy’???
I am totally flummoxed and worried about my finances, nice one 4 weeks before xmas.
Sorry to rant, but I just don’t understand the logic, I am on the correct benefit as far as she could tell, but the medical assessment, which consited mainly on questions from the computer ie; can you wash yourself, can you dress yourself ect. says i should be working, which i do agree with, but until work take me back what am i supposed to live on

It realy anoys me this system we have to go through as if its not hard enough dealing with medical issues money should be the last thing on our mind but i guess its everybodys first im looking to return to work after xmas and as like yourself my job is also heavy lifting and lugging i also have arm issues at the momment and not much sign of improvement im not sure how my employment will plan out either please keep me posted on any progress that you make if any try and not worry to much i no its easier said than done xmas is one day and im sure evereyone will understand that you cant do what you would have liked sorry bout your news

You need to appeal. Fill in form GL24 (what to do if you think your decision is wrong). Do it asap and you will be paid again from the date it is received.You can ask for one at your jobcentre or any jobcentre but you should have received one with your decsion.

Then seek advice from CAB/Welfare Rights/Dial organisation.
They may be able to represent you at appeal but at the very least should be able to offer advice. I work for a silmilar organisation but we have had to stop representing new clients due to being innundated with similar bizarre decisions.

Julie (do it today)

thanks for the advice julie, they actually phoned me at home to tell me this morning, she did say i could appeal and is sending the forms to me. she said they will pay me, but at a lower rate. I have also contacted work as I feel they should have some responsibility as well, i am ready to go back on a phased return, they are the ones taking forever to sort it out, I just feel that im inbetween a rock and a very large stone at the mo!

I was in exactly the same position last January. I appealed and was paid during the time that it took them to decide that i was still entitled to ASA. I didn’t have to go for an interview. As I’d been on ESA for 20 weeks (i think) and was earning less than £1300, I also qualified for a ‘return to work’ payment of £40 a week for twelve months.

thats interesting janail, i shall look into the return to work as i know i shall be there as soom as i have a new job to go back to.

Sorry, I’ve mislead you in my above post. It should have read £13,000 per annum.

Sorry again