Eager for help!


Im new :smiley:
Mum diagnosied in Nov 2012 and need the low down! Dont dear to ask her as she doesnt want to talk about it bless her.


Hi Karen-m,
Sorry to read that your mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer. It must be very worrying and upsetting for you.
Others may offer their advice. This is a site where lots of support if given! I just wonder though what anyone can tell you about breast cancer if you have no detail about your mother’s diagnosis, simply because there are a number of variations of type and severity which affect the type of treatment offered. So, if I told you about my diagnosis and treatment, for example, it may not be anything like your mother’s situation, and could worry you unnecessarily. Probably confuse you too!
Do you know how advanced your mother’s BC is? Is she likely to have a mastectomy, do you know, or a lumpectomy (removal of the lump rather than the breast)? Is she going to have radiotherapy?
I think the thing that is common to all of us is that when we are going thourgh this, and coming out the other side, we need all the love and support of our family and friends that we can get, and practical help too.
Sorry I cannot be more help. If your mother does get to the stage where she will talk about it it might be easier for you to get information from this site and others, but obviously your mother has to take this at her own pace. As her daughter though, I can see that you would have a natural wish to be involved and know what is going on.
Good luck to your mother, and to you.
Verity x

Thankyou ever so much for your kind words and support :slight_smile:
Shes had the lump removed aswell as lymph in her underarm. Shes having chemotherapy for 6mths, radiotherapy and hormonal therapy.
i will give her some time and then try see how things go :slight_smile:

Thankyou ever so much again.

Karen x