Early menopause

I feel like I am going mad and not sure where else to turn.  BC 5 years ago with rads and chemo and ovary removal; still on Tamoxifen; so menopause pretty much overnight.  Five years on and my memory loss and brain fog is getting worse, I am a teacher and I am sat here trying to right lessons but I can’t, my brain is not working and it is overwhelming not being able to do something that I have done easily for 11 years. 

My memory is getting worse too, last week I forgot my friend of 30 years name, and keep forgetting important things or telling people the same thing I already told them yesterday.  I am 50 and feel like my brain is stopping functioning.  Apart from when I had chemo, I had never had a sick day and in the last five years not one day off sick, but this morning I could not get out of bed; I just didn’t want to face the world.  I am not depressed, just feel like I am, living in a cloud with everything else going on around me and I can’t be bothered or have  no interest in participating.  I have a doctor phone call later today but not sure they can do anything.   I just need to know this is normal. 

Hi @Rooner999  We’re sorry to hear you are feeling this way. Please remember, we are always here if you want to talk things through, or find more support. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on our free phone Helpline - 0808 800 6000 

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How did you go with the doctor? And did things change suddenly or gradually?

Hi @Rooner999  - we went through chemo together (if my memory serves me right). How did you get on with your appointment yesterday? How are you feeling today? For me, I’m not sure what things are due to drugs and what to menopause, but I know I have to write everything down or I will forget it. I’m here to chat if that helps. Evie xx

I’m also 50 and on Tamoxifen since May ‘19. My brain fog was really bad when stressed at work, better now. I’m not very good with names of people now. I’m also a teacher and it’s pretty hard going just now. Could that be part of it? Take care.