Early morning dizziness

Has anyone else found that first thing in the morning when they first move their head and before they get out of bed the room sways alarmingly. I have had one chemo session three weeks ago and this has just started. Once I am up and about it is no bother for the rest of the day. My onc says keep an eye on it and report back if it gets worse. Could it maybe just tension in the back of my neck where the stress of the last few months have caught up with me? Has anyone else had this at all.

Love and hugs to everyone


Yes I have it all the time not just AM and it drives me mad. It is low blood pressure.
I had my BP taken a lot after my first chemo and it was quite amazingly low. I can’t bend over and stand up quickly or move my head too fast without feeling faint.
It passes as the days go by.
Take your time getting out of bed - sit up first and take a moment, then stand up.
Good luck -

I seem to recall low blood pressure is a side effect of either the steroids or the anti sickness (or both lol) but I’ve had it for the first 2 days after each dose so yes I know what you mean. I found sitting up and drinking water and reading for 5 before I get going helps a *lot*.