Earth Movement

Hi Liz

My brother lives in Preston (Penwortham) but haven’t heard from him about it so he probably slept through it!

Another friend of mine had half a bottle of wine last night and a sleeping tablet and slept through the whole thing!


Me and hubby slept through it!!! Gloucestershire…but sons both felt it and said things were shaking in their bedrooms/


I phoned my daughter tonight to ask her if she felt the quake (Nottingham) she said she slept through it but was woken up by her dog who was barking and whining and leapt on her whilst she slept.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or tell her off because, as I put it, why didn’t she respond to the dog as there may have been a burglar in the house and the dog was trying to warn her? She lives alone and now all I am thinking is I need to fit a lock on her bedroom door this weekend.