Earth Movement


I live in Lincolnshire and just had the stangest thing happen, like a huge lorry passing the front of my house but I live in a small cul de sac!!!

Anybody else felt this???


Hi Karen

Blimey it was quite powerful wasnt it. It woke me hubby and two of our children up. Have looked on BBC News on the net and there was an earth tremor…it says west midlands but it was quite bad here in east anglia.

Hi Cathie

Got Sky News on and apparently epicentre was 15 miles from Lincoln 4.7 rictorscale. 2 Youngest sons have slept through it LOL


‘Up all night’ on Radio 5 is running listeners reports about the earth tremor…

Got it in Derbyshire too - very strange and quite frightening! Felt like a lorry being driven under the house.

Thought I was starring in the Exorcist.

Must stop reading Stephen King!!!

We woke up at 1.00 with the bed & table shaking, we’re near Cambridge. I was scared!


We felt it in Bolton too, very scary!

Julie x

Woke me up at 1.00 a.m. in Leicestershire. I was scared as well but my husband knew what it was straightaway.

Gwyn x

Felt it in Doncaster too, good to know not my chemo brain playing tricks on me. x x

Woke me and the kids up here in Sheffield the bed was moving was a very strange feeling.


I slept all the way through it!!! Hubby said he felt a slight tremor!

Like Gwyn my OH knew what it was “It’s just an earthquake go back to sleep.” Ah well, at least he didn’t think it was me. (See “Belching” thread.)

I’m just south of Cambridge and none of us knew about it until we heard it on the radio at 8am! Feel quite cheated!

Live in Peterborough and we were woken up by it - it took ages for things to stop rattling!

Talk about the earth moving for you!!!

I think the epi centre was in Market Rasen, Lincs. We also tuned into Radio 5 Live at 1.00 a.m. this morning and they’d had loads of texts coming through.

Well I thought I had dreamt it! Am all of a 100 mile from epicentre. It has been a long time since the earth moved for me!!

I’m in Stockport and was sitting up in bed, wide awake, reading, when the bed shook like fury and I thought the fitted wardrobes were coming out of their frames! As I couldn’t sleep, I was in the back bedroom but I heard Granddad snoring throughout. Thought for a sec it was his snores that caused it hahahaha.

Good luck to us all.

I live in Preston and like GrannyScouse I was in bed reading in the back bedroom. I heard a noise and then the bed moved about 5 times and my daughter came running out of her room very frightened (she’s 21 !). We woke OH up as I thought somebody was trying to take out the patio doors in lounge below. He hadn’t heard a thing. My other daughter who lives in Manchester text to say she thought there had just been an earthquake. We put Sky news on and were relieved that it wasn’t our house falling down. The last one like that was in 1984 and I was in bed, pregnant with first daughter and ran out of the house wondering what it was !


I live in Norwich-I heard it and woke up my OH-he sat up and said, ‘Don’t worry, it was probably just me dreaming and rattling the bedposts’!!! and promptly went back to sleep! Boy did he feel a plank when we listened to the news this morning!! LOL! Won’t let him forget that in a hurry.

Gill x

Hello everyone,

I live in Gloucestershire and I awoke to my bed shaking, took me a while to realise what was going on with my chemo brain!