Eat or not?

Quick question… tomorrow is my first chemo and at noon I see Dr and then at 1:00 chemo… do I eat breakfast? If so what type? All the nurse said was drink lots of water.

Thanks in advance for any info.

Hi Lee

my chemo made me sick come early evening so i used to eat a good breakfast, i would say eat what you want/like, dont think there are any rules. Where i was they would even give you lunch if your having chemo past 12.

Good luck



I used to eat a good breakfast and then was given lunch at the hospital. I always chose stomach settling things like eggs and yoghurt. Then in the evening after chemo I didn’t try to eat but would take the medications they’d given me, have a warm bath and go to bed with a big glass of water and another one of lucozade. By the next day I was usually well enough to have a light breakfast.

Good luck
Anthi x

Thanks Tracey and Anthi… I will eat some breakfast then. I have not been hungry since all this started and have had diarrhoea for 2 weeks as well. I imagine it all nerves…that’s gross to put on the forum but it’s a fact! hehe

Lee !!!
the thought of diarrhoea ON the forums is very, very gross!
seriously, i expect it is nerves - the emotional ride this BC delivers is quite something.
Hope your chemo goes well


Good luck with your first chemo today.

Eat what you like this morning… go for it… you may well not fancy anything later, even if you do, it may taste the same as usual :frowning: I was always hungry after chemo, but had to hunt for something that tasted normal.


Hi Lee

I had a normal brekkie before my first chemo, sandwich during chemo and still had dinner too in the evening. Luckily didn’t affect my appetite or taste at all after chemo. But like you, after my diagnosis I don’t think I ate properly for 2 weeks due to the stress, emotions and fear of it all.

Hope today goes well.

Take Care


Agree with the above - eat your brekky and lunch when your there. I also take a 2 litrte bottle of water with me and drink that during the day - helps flush it all out. I even managed a proper tea Tuesday night (after my 2nd chemo). Not much of an appetite now tho - just go with your body but definately better to have something in your stomach for your chemo.

Good luck - and it really is like everyone says - its not as bad as you think - just remember and take all the drugs they prescribe you


Good Luck today with your 1st Chemo.

take care
claire xx