EC anyone?

I saw my oncologist this week who discussed my treatment. I start on 12th May with EC for 6 sessions. Most people on here seem to do FEC? Just wondered what the difference was really - apart from the fact you get an extra drug :slight_smile:

My wife got EC ratter than FEC, but it was followed by TAX (4 each) TNBC, neo-adjuvant.

Hi i am having 6 EC just had my 4th.
It would seem different trusts do different stuff, my onc said that the F bit se’s outweigh the benefits so they are happy to do Ec only. I have to admit to only being a bit fatigued by EC 3 but no other se’s. I have been able to work up to number 4 but have stopped now…not that its got anything to do with the sun!!
Other that the fatigue i have lived life just as normal.
Best wishes, Sal

Thanks both for your replies. I’m really glad to hear you aren’t suffering too many SE’s Sal. That is very reassuring as I am hoping to work if I feel up to it as much as I can. Can I ask you about hair loss Sal? I’m told the E part of the treatment is the one responsible for this?

Largerbloke - I hope your wife has got on ok with it too.

HI, I also had 4 EC (plus 4 Tax), finished in February. I was also concerned as everyone else seemed to have the F added to their treatment plan. Like Sal’s oncologist mine was of the same opinion: the ses outweighed the benefits.
I was not too bad with EC although I did stop going to work after the second one: I was tired and concerned with flu bugs and colds more than anything else and my job deals with the public.
Hair: I lost mine after the second dose …


Thanks Deb-glad you’ve finished your chemo and I hope you’re recovering well. I take your point about bugs etc, I work in an office but I will just see how I feel. Thanks for the hair loss info too- I fancied a new style anyway :wink:


Hi Kathy,

Yes its the bad E that is responsible for the hair loss. I have used cold cap and it has been really successful. I can really tell …have maybe lost 50 per cent but i don’t think anyone who did not know the old me would notice, it just looks a bit thinner than usual.
It does put a bit of time on to your chemo but for me it has been worth every minute.
If you choose not to cold cap then hair usually starts sheddiing about day 14 after your first chemo.
Have still got all eyebrows and eyelashes too!

Good luck

Sal xi

Thanks Sal - I have been told so many mixed stories about the cold cap - nice to hear about a good result. Seems like my onc and my surgeon don’t really think it will work from what they’ve said. I have very fine hair anyway and so losing 50% would make me look like Mo Mowlem (fab lady btw) Don’t honestly know what to do about it but I guess that’s very vain of me! :slight_smile: I will see what they say when I go for chemo in May. Hope you are doing ok x

Hi Kozzie - I had 6 EC started Nov 09, finished March 10. I did not find the SE’s too bad especially compared to the ladies who had FEC, ( often wondered why I was not given the F-didn’t have the sense to ask!!) Did get lots of little se’s that could be dealt with by medication but like the other ladies I was very tired all the time. Did not work for the year following dx mainly because I work in a school and was advised not to because of the chance of infections. Never felt sick and was on half the usual anti-sickness med after first chemo because they caused terrible constipation.
I lost all of my hair despite using the cold cap (although I understand that there are two types and one if defo more successful,mine was just kept in the freezers not an electric one). Best tip is too arrange for a wig well before the 2nd chemo as that is when it starts to go at about 17 days. Being prepared does help . If I can help in any way feel free to PM me. Good luck. Marli x

Hi Kathy

I’ve just completed 3 doses of EC. I also wondered why not F as well. The oncologist said that their research showed EC to be just as effective, so no reason for the extra drug. I’m about to start 3 goes of Tax, because like largerbloke’s wife I’m also triple negative.

I haven’t found the se’s too bad. More tired than normal and lacking that morning energy I normally have. Sore mouth - but I zap it with medication which works. Odd taste so eat spicy things. Soreness around the veins. Slight nausea - take the anti-emetic and it goes. I’ve been able to be reasonably normal but I get v. tired later in the day.

I did try the cold cap on the first round but by week three it was falling out everywhere - in my eyes and mouth and all over my clothes with bald patches on the top. I really got fed up with it so had it off. I have a nice wig and pretty caps and scarves. I can’t say I like it, but it seems worth it if the treatment works. My eyebrows and lashes are v. thin now as well. Got pencil. Got false eyelashes!

I’m a bit apprehensive about the taxotere, as people seem to find it harder.

Anyway - good luck to us all! I hope the treatment goes well.

Cheers Hotpot.

Thanks marli and hotpot for your replies. I’m feeling a bit more reassured about not having the F bit - I didn’t realise at the time of my onc appt, it was only once I got home and checked here to see what everyone else has!

I think I’m lucky really as am HR and PR negative and 100% ER positive. I only have 1 out of 18 nodes affected too AND my lumpectomy had clear margins first time round so I know it could be much worse!

I think I’m resigning myself to the no-hair thing and I love your idea of false eyelashes hotpot - will definitely be doing that as I just know I will look like a boiled egg otherwise :slight_smile:

I will see how I cope with the tiredness - work are very understanding but I’m actually the head of HR there so I feel this ridiculous pressure ( all self inflicted!) to soldier on and be all positive when I know full well if it was anyone else in our organisation, I’d be telling them to take as much time as they needed! Does that sound as barmy as I think it does ? Still - maybe the SE’s will decide for me!

Good luck with your Tax hotpot

K x