Ec chemo and cold capping - any success stories?

Hi there, I’m 2 weeks after my first chemo and I used a cold cap- has anyone avoided hair loss? 
many thanks

Hi Malou , it may be worth posting on this thread about the cold cap

There are also monthly support threads for people going through chemo at the same time if you would like to join the December thread ?

Hi @malou  how is your hair doing? I’m on day 15 now post my first chemo and used cold cap. Just anticipating a big shed!!

Hi, both myself and another lady had EC and Paclitaxel chemo at the same time imin 2020 and although we both  lost some hair we kept the majority of it and it wasn’t really noticeable. I have fine hair any was very surprised at how well the cold cap worked.

I hope it works as well for you and good luck with your chemo.

I lost almost all of my hair after 2 EC so shaved it as I couldn’t stand the straggly mess.

Paxman have a Facebook group (the name of it is in the paxman leaflet). It’s full of current users sharing hints, tips & photos of their progress.

I had to take myself out if it as I was so upset that I’d lost my hair but its a good group if you’re still hanging onto yours

Yes i have done 4 EC now and lucky i  have kept most of it. My hair is also very fine shoulder length and i read the paxman website over and over! 

Seemed to be the worst shed after number 2 then its evened out. Have lost some, about 20% i would say. I dont wash it very often only brush it once or twice a day and when cold capping i use one hand to press  onto the top to push it down. Also with brushing just brush half way down holding the top of my head. I use  the simple conditioner just before cold capping.  Leave it on and wash it the following  day I would say one of the main things is making sure the cap is very tight,  with contact on the top of the head.  i use an exercise band over the top and pull it down on my head, i saw this on the facebook page. Hopefully  it will work for you. I still have the next Docetaxol up ahead so who knows, but so far its been with the palava of it all i would say, Good luck xx