EC chemo struggling

Anyone out there to listen?? My tax and avastin chemo failed so they started me on EC last Thursday. I have been bedridden with no energy since sunday and feel like I am half dead. This feeling of hopelessness has really got me down and a lot of negativity creeping in. I have a young family so all of that has also turned upsidedown. When does the energy pick up again? I really need some positivity right now.


Thanks for hearing me out.

Hi kavir
Sorry to hear you are struggling and that Tax and Avastin didn’t work for you. I haven’t any experience of EC chemo so can’t help with the exact side effects and how long they are expected to last. I did however have FEC which has 2 of those components, back in 2008, and felt pretty rubbish for about 5 days after the chemo but then found I literally bounced right back again. Those five days I didn’t manage to get out of the house, have much appetite as I felt so nauseous and generally didn’t want to see or talk to anyone - but that could have just been my response to it. I have noticed different timings for side effects with Tax so each chemo seems to affect everyone slightly differently. If not many other ladies respond to this it’s worth reading the thread on the main part of the forum about chemotherapy in the Treatments section as you can get quite a lot of info from the ladies with primary BC going through the same thing as there’s more of them posting.
Good luck and hope you start to feel better.
Nicky x