EC chemotherapy

Hi. Does anyone know how long EC chemo is effective for, i.e. how long before secondary breast cancer springs back to life? Mine is advanced, in liver, spleen, peritoneum, ovaries (removed), bones - all of spine, ribs, pelvis, femurs, spots on skin, head, lumps in neck, in my eyelids. Whilst all is stable, the radiotherapy to eyelids didnt work, so im off SI (estemestane) hormone treatment, and facing EC chemo next week. Im wondering about my prognosis.

Hi wildypuss

Sorry that you havent had a response yet.  Have you thought about joining theprivate group for women with secondary breast cancer?

Alternatively you may find it helpful to speak with one of our experts on the free Helpline, 0808 800 6000. Or perhaps post your question on the Ask Our Nurses are of the Forum where one of our specialist nurses can respond to you online.

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